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Undergrad :: Liberal Arts Electives

Grove School of Engineering

Undergrad :: Liberal Arts Electives

Non-technical principles and ideas shape the working environment of practicing engineers and computer scientists. Ethical, social, international and economic issues play a major role in determining the best technical solution for a given problem.  They require that the skills of engineers and computer scientists extend beyond mathematics and the sciences.  Courses in the humanities and the social sciences provide this necessary awareness and knowledge.  To meet accreditation goals, as well as program and institutional objectives, all Grove School of Engineering (GSoE) undergraduate programs have a liberal arts component.

In order to fulfill the liberal arts requirement, GSoE students must:

  1. Pass five or six approved courses for a total of 15 or 18 credits, depending on major, of which at least two (6 credits) must be at the 20000 level or higher,
  2. Make sure the courses fall into at least three of the four approved clusters, listed below.  A course may satisfy more than one cluster:
  • cluster f, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities;
  • cluster g, Communication;
  • cluster h, Global and Societal Context;
  • cluster j, Contemporary Issues.

The complete list of approved courses, and their clusters, is here.  This list is subject to periodic updates, and is maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Affairs.

Students admitted or readmitted to CCNY in Fall 2013 or later must also satisfy Pathways general education requirements as well as the ones described here.  Click here to find out how to satisfy both.

Each program may have additional requirements beyond those stated above.  Check your major's curriculum sheet, or the Bulletin, and ask your program's staff advisor if you have questions..