Classified Hourly Employee FAQs

How often are Classified Hourly employees paid?

College Assistants/IT Assistants are hourly employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Timesheets must be submitted in order for hourly employees to receive pay for the hours they worked.  College Assistants may enroll in direct deposit or elect to pick up their paychecks at the Bursar’s Office on the bi-weekly pay dates.

How do I submit timesheets?

Timesheets are submitted electronically via the Central Timekeeping System at  Please use your CCNY e-mail address and password to log-in and complete your timesheet.  Once processed by our payroll office, you will be paid on the next available pay date.

How do I get my ID card?

If you are not a CCNY student, please visit the Office of Human Resources to obtain the “ID Request form

Am I subject to fingerprinting as a college assistant?

All classified hourly employees who are not full-time CUNY students will be required to be fingerprinted.


Are there any fees associated with my appointment as a college assistant?

You are required to submit a filing fee if your appointment is 240 hours or more. The filling fee is $15.00 if the hourly rate is $17.80.  The filing fee is $25.00 if the hourly rate is 17.81 or more.  

Fingerprinting Fees

If you are not a CUNY full-time student, you will need to be fingerprinted.  The fee is $87.00


I work as a College Assistant at another CUNY campus and was fingerprinted there. Do I have to be fingerprinted again?

You may contact your current campus and have them send (scan or fax) a copy of the fingerprint receipt and results to the new campus HR Office.  If you have continuously been employed by CUNY or there has been less than a year break in service, you will not have to be fingerprinted again.


I was previously fingerprinted by (the NYC Board of Education/NYC Police Department, etc.) Do I have to be fingerprinted again?

Yes. CUNY does not accept fingerprints from other agencies.


When does a Classified Hourly employee begin to accrue sick/annual leave?

Part-time employees in the title of IT Hourly and College Assistants must complete 500 hours of work within the fiscal year (7/1 – 6/30) before using accrued annual /sick leave. Once the 500-hour threshold has been met, employees may use annual/sick leave as it accrues.


How much annual and sick leave do I accrue?

For every 20 hours worked you accrue one hour of sick leave; for every 15 hours worked you accrue 15 hours of sick leave. 


Can I save my vacation time for next fiscal year?

No.  Annual leave gets paid out at the end of every fiscal year (6/30) as long as you have worked the 500 hours minimum.


Are College Assistants eligible for paid holidays?

No. As hourly employees, College Assistants are paid for hours actually worked. 

Are college assistant eligible for optical, dental, and prescription?

College Assistants are eligible for optical, dental, prescription coverage through their union DC37.  In order to be eligible for benefits college assistants must work a minimum of 17.5 hours on a weekly basis.  To apply for these benefits employees must complete an enrollment form.  If you wish to enroll and utilize these benefits you will be subject to agency shop fees (union dues) which currently are $15.41 bi-weekly.  Please visit or call (212) 815-1234.


Are college assistant eligible for Health Benefits?

Employees may be eligible for health benefits after a 90 day waiting period.  In order to be eligible after the waiting period you must work at least 20 hours weekly and be assigned 500 hours or more for the current fiscal year.  If you have any questions regarding benefit eligibility, please contact the office of Human Resources at 212-650-7226.


Are College Assistants eligible for a CUNY tuition waiver?

No. Some College Assistants are eligible for tuition reimbursement as through DC 37 Education Fund benefit. For more information, please go to or call DC 37 at (212) 815-1700.

Last Updated: 03/26/2019 15:42