CCNY Affiliate - Person of Interest (POI) Instructions

CCNY Affiliate/Person of Interest (POI)

Employees who need access to CUNYfirst for their day-to-day job functions, but are not paid via tax-levy funds, must be entered into CUNYfirst as a Person of Interest (POI). This applies to employees of the Research Foundation, 21st Century Foundation, etc.

Please note: If employee has never been placed on City College's tax-levy payroll, a government issue ID will need to be submitted along with the PAF for POI.

New Person of Interest Entries

Please be advised that POIs on RF CUNY payroll are automatically entered into CUNYfirst as a POI. All other POIs requests must be entered through the secure transfer system

1. Complete an PAF with the Person of Interest's information on the secure online portal. 

2.  A written detailed justification signed by the department head will be required to be submitted via the secure online portal. Please list the CUNYfirst access/roles needed (Campus Solutions, Procurement, and Finance) and the funding source for the employee.

3.  The department must submit a government issue ID via the portal for POI's that have never been on City College's tax-levy payroll.


1. Complete a PAF indicating the new appointment dates. 


1. Complete a PAF indicating the date of termination. 

The department must notify Human Resources when the employee separates from the College.


Last Updated: 06/11/2024 14:40