CUNYfirst Person of Interest (POI) - Instructions

Employees who need access to CUNYfirst for their day-to-day job functions but are not paid via tax-levy funds will need to be entered into CUNYfirst as a Person of Interest - POI (This applies to employees of the Research Foundation, 21st Century Foundation, etc…)

1. Complete a PAF-7 with the employee's information. (The asterisk denotes required information.)

2.  A written detailed justification by the department head will be required to be submitted, along with the PAF for a POI who will be entered into CUNYfirst. Please list the CUNYfirst access/roles needed (Campus Solutions, Procurement, and Finance)

3.  The department must submit a completed PAF-7 with a government issue ID for POI's to Human Resources ( ) via the Secure Portal using your CCNY email credentials:  Please use the subject line- POI.

Please note: If employee has never been placed on CUNY tax-levy payroll, a government issue ID will need to be submitted along with PAF-7 for POI.

The department must notify Human Resources when the employee separates from the College.


Last Updated: 02/10/2021 16:48