Non-Tax Levy Supplement Process and Procedures

Non-Tax Levy Supplement Process and Procedures:

Whenever a department would like to issue a non-tax levy payment to an employee already on tax levy payroll approval is required. To obtain approval the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Complete a Non-Tax Levy Supplement Request Form. The form must be signed by the dean or vice president. 
  2. Submit the request form along with a justification and copy of the funding source agreement to the President’s Office at
  3. Once the President’s approval/signature is obtained, submit the form, justification, and funding source agreement to the Office of Human Resources at
  4. The Office of Human Resources will notify the department once final approval is obtained.
  5. Upon receipt of final approval, a Disbursement Request Form and PAF should be submitted via secure transfer to Financial Accounting and Payroll Services

For additional information regarding the CUNY Non-Tax Levy Supplement Payment Policy , please follow the link below: 
CUNY Memo: Non-Tax Levy Supplement Payments Policy

For questions regarding the Non-Tax Levy Supplement Request Procedures contact HR at

For questions regarding the payment process contact Payroll Services at

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