Non-Tax Levy Supplement Process and Procedures

Non-Tax Levy Supplement Process and Procedures:

Whenever a department would like to issue a non-tax levy payment to an employee, already on tax levy payroll, approval is required. To obtain approval the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Complete a Non-Tax Levy Supplement Request Form. The form must be signed by the dean or vice president. 
  2. Submit the request form along with a justification and copy of the funding source agreement to the President’s Office at .
  3. Once the President’s approval/signature is obtained, submit the form, justification, and funding source agreement to the Office of Human Resources at .
  4. The Office of Human Resources will notify the department once final approval is obtained.
  5. Upon receipt of final approval, a Disbursement Request Form and PAF should be submitted via secure transfer to Financial Accounting and Payroll Services

For additional information regarding the CUNY Non-Tax Levy Supplement Payment Policy, please follow the link below: 
CUNY Memo: Non-Tax Levy Supplement Payments Policy

For questions regarding the Non-Tax Levy Supplement Request Procedures contact HR at

For questions regarding the payment process contact Payroll Services at

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