On-Campus Student Employment


The Office of On-Campus Student Employment (OCSE) was developed from a necessity to form a sense of community with our student body and centralize the way that students apply and gain employment. We help students develop professional experiences and connections with our faculty and staff while offsetting the cost of education. Our vision is to make student employment at City College another aspect of the student's educational experience which will contribute to the student's professional and personal maturity.

Defining On-Campus Student Employment

Nearly every department at City College employs one or more students. Students perform a variety of jobs including but not limited to general office duties, technology, student services and more.  Students are an integral part of making the departments run smoothly, while gaining skills that will help them in future professional jobs.  The combination of education and professional experience allows our students to develop their skills and build a professional resume with a credited institution for today's competitive job market.  

What are the benefits?

Gaining employment on campus offers many exciting opportunities for students including but not limited to flexible schedules, entry level positions in a professional setting, health and dental benefits for those who qualify and networking opportunities with our professional faculty and staff.  These experiences may even lead to a desire to continue working in higher education upon graduation.

How does it work?

Students are eligible for on-campus employment as long as they are registered for classes and meet all the requirements needed to work in the United States.  Eligible students may log on to our website for a complete listing of available positions on campus and apply for one or more positions on-line. Students generally work up to 20 hours per week and are paid bi-weekly.


Forms and Resources

New Hire Packet

These forms are required to complete the hiring process.  An explanation of each form is included in the information packet.  Please fill out the forms, print and sign them, and return them to your supervisor. 

Other Forms

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