Undergraduate Majors

The Division of Humanities and the Arts offers a wide variety of Bachelor's degrees and minor programs, as well as one professional certificate. All program declarations must be made through the iDeclare Online Portal.

Art & Electronic Design

Department of Art

Art majors who choose to focus in Studio Art will receive general instruction in the theory and practice of the visual arts through working in both two and three dimensions with a variety of media. Digital Design and Electronic Design & Multimedia majors build skills in typography, design, imaging, illustration, and multimedia.

BA Art - 42 credits
Concentrations in Art History, Studio Art, Photography, Secondary Art Education, and Digital Design

BFA Electronic Design & Multimedia - 75 credits
Portfolio submission required for major declaration

Art Minor - 18 credits
Concentrations in Art History and Studio Art

Asian Studies

Asian Studies Program

Asian Studies is concerned with the people, cultures, languages, history, and politics of the continent of Asia, combining aspects of sociology, history, and anthropology to study political, cultural, and economic phenomena in traditional and contemporary Asian societies.

BA Asian Studies - 30 credits

Asian Studies Minor - 15 credits

Black Studies

Black Studies Program

Black Studies focuses on the histories, politics, and cultures of peoples of African origin in both Africa and the African diaspora in a global and comparative sense. Courses often combine aspects of many academic disciplines to study social, political, and cultural traditions in African communities throughout the world.

BA Black Studies - 30 credits

Black Studies Minor - 15 credits

Classical and Modern Languages

Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

Students who major in the Classical and Modern Languages department work towards fluency in a target language or two through a combination of language, linguistics, history, and literature courses.
This department also offers the Language Placement Examination.

BA Romance Languages - 36 credits
Concentrations in French, Italian, Spanish, Spanish Secondary Education, and Two Romance Languages

Classical Studies Minor - 12 credits

Language Minor - 15 credits
Concentrations in Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature Program

This program offers an opportunity to study literature from a broader, more comprehensive point of view than one restricted to the works of a single nation or a single language area, in order to be able to recognize those traits that are universally shared and those that are distinctive and unique to each one.

BA Comparative Literature - 36 credits



Department of English

English majors explore the production of and analysis of texts created in English, such as literature and film, as well as English language pedagogy and linguistics.

BA English - 39 credits
Concentrations in Creative Writing, Literature, and Secondary English Education

English Minor - 15 credits


Department of History

History is the study of the past through written documents. Students who major in History reflect upon, analyze, and interpret historical documents, presenting their analyses in clear, cogent writing.

BA History - 33 credits
Concentrations in History and Secondary Social Studies Education

History Minor - 15 credits

BA/MA History - 33 undergraduate credits & 24 graduate credits
Meet with History Department advisor for details


Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Program

Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary major made up of courses in history, Middle Eastern studies, Asian studies, Oriental studies, religious studies, archeology, sociology, Hebrew language, political science, women's studies, and ethnic studies.

BA Jewish Studies - 30 credits

Jewish Studies Minor - 12 credits

Media & Communication Arts

Department of Media & Communication Arts

The “Ad/PR” program explores current theories in integrated marketing, advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and communications management, as well as the sort of practical knowledge and hands-on experiences that students can only get by studying in New York City, the communications capital of the world, while the Film & Video Program teaches the art and craft of filmmaking, explores the history and theory of film and video, and provides intensive hands-on experience utilizing the latest technology in fiction and documentary media production. Courses are also offered in Journalism and Cinema Studies.

BA Communications — Advertising & Public Relations - 36 credits
Prerequisites and secondary application required for major declaration

BFA Film & Video Production - 45 credits
Prerequisites and secondary application required for major declaration

Journalism Minor - 18 credits

Cinema Studies Minor - 15 credits

Music & Audio Production

Department of Music

Degree programs offered in Popular Music Studies, Jazz Performance Studies, and Music & Audio Technology.

BA Music - 42 credits
Music Placement Examination required for major declaration

BM Jazz Studies - 64 credits
Audition required for major declaration

BM Sonic Arts Audio Production - 64 credits
Music Placement Examination and secondary application required for major declaration

Music Minor - coming soon


Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophical methods include questioning, critical discussion, rational argument and systematic presentation.

BA Philosophy - 30 credits

Philosophy Minor - 15 credits

Publishing Certificate

Publishing Certificate Program

We offer a variety of courses and seminars to undergraduates and non-matriculating students which will provide them with the knowledge, professional skills, and contacts necessary to enter the publishing industry. Many students are placed in internships in the NYC publishing community.

Publishing Certificate - 15 credits


Department of Theatre & Speech

Our Theatre Program offers a wide perspective in courses ranging from Acting, Directing, Theatre History, Playwriting, Technical Theatre and Design, Speech for the Stage, Musical Theatre Workshop, Acting for the Camera, Black Theatre, Women's Theatre, Queer Theatre, Latin American Theatre, and many more.
This department also offers the Speech Proficiency Exam.

BA Theatre - 41 credits

Theatre Minor - 15 credits

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“One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai

“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is—it’s to imagine what is possible.”
bell hooks

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
Audre Lorde

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