Fall 2016 Past Seminar Series

August 29th.pdf

"Aqueous Organic Chemistry in Atmospheric Aerosols: Impacts on Air Quality and Climate"

Professor V. Faye McNeill
Columbia University


September 12th.pdf

"Dynamic degradation of biocompatible hydrogels measured using passive microrheology"

Professor Kelly Schultz
Lehigh University


September 19th.pdf

"Dry-eye and evaporative tear-film instability"

Professor Clayton Radke
University of California, Berkeley


September 26th.pdf

"Processing and Engineering Fluid-Fluid Interfaces through Multicomponent Adsorption"

Professor Lynn Walker
Carnegie Mellon University


October 24th.pdf

"Advances in modeling asphaltene deposition and development of integrated strategies for its mitigation"

Professor Francisco Vargas
Rice University


October 31st.pdf

"Large scale syntheses of cooperatively assembled materials using roll-to-roll processing"

Professor Bryan Vogt
University of Akron


November 7th Karaiskakis.pdf

"Investigation of the main factor that drives selectivity on rough Cu-based catalysts for CO2 electroreduction"

Graduate Student Symposium
Alexandros Karaiskakis
City College of New York

November 7th Majji.pdf

"Inertial flow transitions of particle-fluid suspensions in Taylor-Couette Geometry"


Graduate Student Symposium
Madhu Majji
City College of New York


November 21st.pdf

"Enhancing the performance of PEM fuel cells using nano-platelet shaped particles"

Professor Miriam Rafailovich
Stony Brook University


November 28th.pdf

"Solar energy to fuels, chemicals and electricity"

Professor Rakesh Agrawal
Purdue University
Shinnar Lecture


December 5th.pdf

"Bursting Bubbles and Bilayers"

Professor Steven Wrenn
Drexel University

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