ChE Fall Courses

ChE 22800: Introduction to Chemical Engineering Principles and Practices
Introduction to the techniques of chemical engineering. Basic calculations. Conservation of mass and the use of material balances. Major equipment types: functionality and linear models. Linear material balances for recycle processes. First law of thermodynamics and the use of energy balances. Reaction stoichiometry and energetics.
Prereq: Chem 10401*; Coreq: Math 20300*.
7 Hr./wk; 5 Cr.

ChE 33000: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
Partial molar quantities. Thermodynamics of solutions. Activities and fugacities. Modeling of thermodynamic parameters. Chemical reaction equilibrium. The free energy minimization procedure for complex chemical reactions.
Prereq: ChE 22900, and Math 39100*; Coreq: ChE 22800 & Phys 20800.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 34100: Transport Phenomena I
Introduction to the continuum theories of the transport of momentum, energy, and matter. Equations of continuity, motion, and energy for steady and unsteady state. Fluid mechanics, Navier-Stokes equations, boundary-layer theory, integral methods. Turbulent flow.
Prereq: ChE 22900 and Math 39100*; Coreq: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 43200: Chemical Reactions Engineering
Reaction kinetics, order of reaction, theory of absolute reaction rates. Reactor analysis and design, homogeneous batch, flow, and semibatch reactors. Catalysis, reactions of heterogeneous systems, heat- and masstransfer effects. Examples from chemical and petrochemical industries.
Prereq: ChE 34200 and ChE 33000; Coreq: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 46200: Separation Operations and Control Lab
Diffusional processes; absorption, distillation, drying; advanced heat transfer; process control.  Reports emphasize proper presentation and interpretation of laboratory data.
Prereq: ChE 34500 and ChE 34600; Coreq: None.
5 lab Hr./wk; 2 Cr.

ChE 47900: Process Control
Process dynamics and modeling. Measurement instrumentation, final control elements, and controllers. Linearization, Laplace transforms, and transfer functions. Frequency response. Stability analysis. Design of single-input, single-output controllers. Dynamic simulation. Interaction and multivariable control. Plant-wide control.
Prereq: ChE 34500 and ChE 34600; Coreq; ChE 43200.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 49500: Techniques of Chemical Engineering Design
Cost estimation and profitability analysis. Douglas’ hierarchical decision approach to conceptual design. Economic evaluation of process alternatives. Flowsheet simulation using ASPEN. Process operability analysis of the impact of control strategy, hazard and safety considerations, environmental constraints, and startup and operations on plant design.
Prereq: ChE 22800, ChE 33000, ChE 34500, and ChE 34600;  Coreq: ChE 43200 and ChE 47900.  
4 design Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

* Minimum grade of "C" required.

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