M.E. Course Requirements

M.E. Course Requirements

Required courses: 
ENGR I1100: Introduction to Engineering Analysis (3 Cr.)
ChE I2800: Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics (3 Cr.)
ChE I3300: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (3 Cr.)
ChE I0000: Seminar (1 Cr.)

Two of these three courses are required: 
ENGR I0800: Foundations of Fluid Mechanics (3 Cr.)
ME I3700: Convection Heat Transfer (3 Cr.)
ChE I9100: Mass Transfer (3 Cr.)

One of these three courses is required (research options unique to M.E. program): 
ChE I9700: Report (0 Cr.)
ChE I9800: Master's Project (3 Cr.)
ChE I9900: Thesis Research (3-6 Cr.)

ChE Elective Courses:
For current electives see the graduate student bulletin. The following electives have
been offered through the ChE Department. Please, check in the graduate bulletin 
the current schedule for information as to which courses are offered in which semester

ChE I3000                               Chemical Process Simulation
ChE I5200                               Powder Science and Technology
ChE I5500                               Interfacial Phenomena
ChE I5700                               Advanced Materials Engineering
ChE I5800                               Molecular Simulation
ChE I5900                               Nanotechnology
ChE I6100                               Advanced Topics in Polymer Science
ChE I8600                               Equilibrium Stage Separations
ChE I8800                               Bioseparations
ChE I9000                               Bioprocess Engineering
ChE I9200                               Soft Materials Laboratory