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Spring 2017 Past Seminar Series

Chemical Engineering

Spring 2017 Past Seminar Series

January 30th GSS Long.pdf

"Magnetic Janus Particle Chain Assembly Rate: From Experiment to Theory"

Graduate Student Symposium
Thomas Long
City College of New York



January 30th GSS Mozaffari.pdf

"Navigation of Diffusiophoretically Self Propelled Colloid along the Boundaries"

Graduate Student Symposium
Ali Mozaffari
City College of New York


February 6th Guo.pdf

"Challenges and Development of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries"

Professor Juchen Guo
University of California, Riverside


February 27th Green.pdf

"Development of Experiment and Theory to Detect, Predict, and Visualize Ligand Phase Separation on Metal Nanoparticles"

Professor David Green
Univeristy of Virginia


March 6th Koberstein.pdf

"Polyacetals: Biocompatible Polymers that are Both Thermoresponsive and pH-Degradable"

Professor Jeffrey Koberstein
Columbia University


March 13th Panzer.pdf

"Design Principles of Solid Ionogel Electrolytes for Electrical Energy Storage Applications"

Professor Matthew Panzer
Tufts University


March 20th Fuller.pdf


"Viscoelasticity in (Nearly) Two Dimensions"

Professor Gerald Fuller
Standford University


March 27th Hochbaum.pdf

"Building Better Biofilms: Chemical Interactions and Structure-Function Relationships in Bacterial Communities"

Professor Allon Hochbaum
Universityof California, Irvine


April 3rd Dorazio.pdf

"Fluid Catalytic Cracking - Challenges and Opportunities for Catalyst Design"

Dr. Lucas Dorazio
BASF Corporation


April 24th


Professor TBA
University of TBA


May 1st Liberatore.pdf

"Advanced rheology measurements for hydrates and CMP slurries"

Professor Matthew Liberatore
University of Toledo


May 8th Martin.pdf

"Nanostructured and Nanocomposite Polymer Films and Membranes"

Professor Stephen Martin
Virginia Tech


May 15th Yadav.pdf

"Building Brains: Marrying Engineering and Medicine in the Fight Against Alzheimer Disease"

Professor Vikramaditya Yadav
University of British Columbia