Spring 2018 ChE Seminar Series

Spring 2018 ChE Seminar Series

January 29th

"Intelligent Protein Engineered Biomaterials"

Professor Jin Kim Montclaire
New York University


February 5th

"Hydrogen Evolution at Buried Interfaces"

Professor Daniel Esposito
Columbia University


February 26th

"Designing Optimal Electrolytes for Next Generation Energy Storage"

Doctor Nidhi Rajput
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


March 5th

"In-situ Microfluidic Measurement of the Dielectric Constant of Colloidal Particles"

Doctor Setareh Manafirasi
The City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


"Simulations of Active Microrheology of Dense Suspensions"

Doctor Omer Sedes
The City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


March 12th 

"Using X-rays to Visualize Multiphase Flows"

Professor Theodore Heindel
Iowa State University


March 19th 

"Formulation Engineering for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Oil & Gas Industries"

Professor Edgar Acosta
University of Toronto


March 26th 

"EXPIRE - EXtremely Passive Impact Resistant Electrolyte"

Doctor Gabriel Veith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


April 9th 

"Grid Scale Energy Storage Poised for Success: Developing New Technologies, Finding New Value Propositions"

Doctor Imre Gyuk
U.S. Department of Energy


April 16th 

"From Fluids to Fibers: Liquid Phase Separation and Neurodegeneration"

Professor Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle
The Graduate Center, CUNY


April 23rd 

"Biologically Active Filters: An Advanced Treatment Process for Contaminants Emerging Concern"

Professor Lisa Axe
New Jersey Institute of Technology


April 30th  

"Engineering Shape-Memory and Stress-Memory through Polymer Crystallization"

Professor Mitchell Anthamatten
University of Rochester


May 7th 

"Pulsed Field Gradients, diffusion and spectroscopic imaging of supercapacitors and batteries"

Professor Michael Deschamps
University of Orleans France


May 14th 

"Translation of microneedles for drug delivery to skin and eye: design, development and clinical trials"

Professor Mark Prausnitz
Georgia Institute of Technology


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