ChE Spring Courses

ChE 22900: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
Basic concepts and definitions. Energy and the first law. Entropy and the second law. Pure component thermodynamics and the fundamental property relation. Thermodynamics of processes. Availability. Physical Equilibrium. Introduction to microscopic thermodynamics. The third law.
Prereq: Chem 10401* and Phys 20700*; Coreq: Math 39100.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 31000: Introduction to Materials Science
Basic concepts in the behavior of solid materials. Atomic bonding; crystal structure; crystal defects; alloys; insulators; metals. Mechanisms of corrosion; selection of materials of construction.
Prereq: ChE 22900; Coreq: ChE 34100.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 31100: Analysis of Chemical Engineering Processes

This course will provide an introduction to chemical processes.  Constitutive equations governing heat transfer by conduction, mass transfer by diffusion and convection, and momentum transfer through fluids will be introduced and compared, with emphasis on their common features, namely, driving force, resistance, material and environmental constraints, and Arrhenius temperature dependence.  The distinction between equilibrium, steady state, and dynamic operation will be presented.  Chemical process units such as mixers, separators, and reactors will be introduced within this framework to illustrate real-world applications of these processes.  Conceptual design of experiments to isolate and quantify relevant parameters will also be covered, along with quantitative analysis topics including estimation, order of magnitude analysis, and sensitivity analysis.
Prereq: Chem 10401; MATH 21300; PHYS 20700
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 34200: Transport Phenomena II
Applications of the equations of change to heat and mass transport. Analytical and numerical methods in the analysis of heat conduction. Diffusion in binary and multicomponent mixtures. Heat and mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flow. Radiant heat transfer. Interphase transfer.
Prereq: ChE 34100 and Math 39200; Coreq: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 34500: Separation Operations
Principles of single-stage and multi-stage contacting equipment. Phase equilibrium and phase diagrams. Analytical and graphical solutions to steady and unsteady state problems applied to liquid extraction, distillation, gas absorption, stripping, and other stage operations for binary and multicomponent systems.
Prereq: ChE 22800; Coreq: ChE 33000 and ChE 34200.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 34600: Transport Operations
Flow through pipes, packed and fluidized beds, and filtration equipment. Design of flow systems with non-Newtonian fluids and compressible flows. Design of continuous contacting equipment for heat and mass transfer; heat exchangers, packed towers.
Prereq: ChE 34100; Coreq: ChE 34200.
7 Hr./wk; 4 Cr.

ChE 49600: Chemical Engineering Design Project
Design of a chemical plant as the capstone design project. Students select process routes for the manufacture of a designated product and carry the design from the conceptual stage through a developmental design and an operability analysis. CAD. Professional ethics.
Prereq: ChE 43200, ChE 47900 and ChE 49500; Coreq: None.
4 design Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

*Minimum grade of "C" required.


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