COVID-19 Accommodations

Last updated: 5/18/2020 2:30pm


For those of you experiencing technical issues during exams, the college has provided these suggestions: 

  • Be on a strong wi-fi bandwith
  • Avoid mobile hotspots as they can be unreliable
  • Use Firefox or Google Chrome



As you all know, the shift from in person to online learning was abrupt and required massive changes to all aspects of your courses. Some activities could not be translated to an online platform without major adaptation, like hands on laboratory experiments. The adaptation of some activities, like exams, is still a work in progress. And so we appreciate your patience while faculty learn the new tools and adapt their teaching approaches to a virtual environment. All changes will be communicated to you in writing. If you have questions about a change a faculty has made, please talk with your faculty directly. 

With respect to exams: Our goal is to deliver fair tests that give students the chance to show what they have learned and that allow us to ensure competancy - for the safety of the public if not the reputation of the profession and the college. In in-person instruction, we administer exams in-person to provide a mechanism for students to ask questions but also to ensure the academic integrity of all students. In online instruction, exams are still typically administered in a proctored environment. There is no model for testing of accredited B.E. programs in fully online learning, and so the college is working hard to ensure that any proctoring approach they adapt is effective but also fair. Unfortunately this means that until the college releases a policy, faculty are left to figure out how to effectively but fairly proctor mid-term exams. Some things you may be asked to do during an exam (unless the college adopts a different policy) include: 

  • Sign a honor code before beginning your exam
  • Share video feed that shows your person and workspace (note: any video that is recorded during this process will be deleted at the end of the semester) 
  • Take an exam that is too long to complete in the allotted time - such exams are not intended to be completed in order for a student to receive full credit

In short, until the college has fully worked out their policies for all aspects of remote teaching, please be prepared for changes to expectations and methods. We will do our best to minimize changes, to make all changes as fair as possible, to fully explain the changes to you, and to give you a chance to ask questions about the changes. 


SPRING 2020 GRADES (new as of 4/23)

CUNY just released guidance on many COVID-related issues including the selection of the Credit/No credit option

Credit / No credit - Students may request to replace a letter grade in one or more completed courses with Credit (for A, B, C, D letter grades) or No credit (for F letter grade). On your transcript, "credit" will show in place of the grade (credit option) or the course will not appear at all (no credit option). Students may request this option up until 20 days following the grade due date for grades earned in the Spring 2020 semester (only). This decision rests solely with the student (in any course taken at the college, including engineering courses) and the request is made through CUNY First (details to follow).

Students should carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding because the change is permanent and cannot be reversed afterwards. International students and students on financial aid should review the above guidance and consult with advisors in these offices before making this decision. Students who use this option to change a D to Credit in courses that require a C minimum grade to advance will be allowed to advance but are strongly discouraged from doing so because they are guaranteed to struggle mightily in (and possibly not pass) subsequent courses. Please read the above guidance for more information. If you still have questions about CR/NC, please contact

Incompletes - Students who are doing okay in a course but are unable to keep up due to a medical or family emergency should seriously consider requesting an INC in the course. This temporarily stops the clock on the course. Any grades you have already earned will still stand. When you are able to complete the rest of your work, you notify your instructor. The remaining work must be completed before the fall semester in order to advance in the program. The deadline for finalizing incompletes has been extended to the last day of classes in the Fall 2020 semester.

Although students have until the last day of classes in Fall 2020 to complete coursework, please keep in mind that students who do not complete their coursework by the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester will not be able to advance to any next level courses. Also, the Credit/No credit option is only available 20 days past the Spring 2020 grade due date. And so taking more than 20 days to complete coursework will also prevent you from being able to change a letter grade to Credit or No credit. (Added 5/14) 

Graduating seniors should make the decision to get an INC very carefully. If your coursework is not completed before graduation certifications are due, you will need to reapply to graduate once you have a grade - possibly in the summer or fall, depending upon when you complete the work. (Added 5/14) 

Withdrawal - Students who are not doing well in a course may also withdraw from it. The college has extended the deadline to do this until the last day of classes. The transcript will show that the course was attempted by placing a "W" where the grade would normally be. This option does not affect your GPA or QPA, but students may only withdraw from (or fail) a course 3 times before being dismissed from a program. 


TOWN HALL (new as of 4/23/20)

Thursday 4/23/20 12:30-1:30pm

Thank you to all of the students who attended our town hall today. Some of the questions raised at it are summarized here:

  • What is the CE Department doing to improve the passing rate in CE 231, CE 264 and CE 332? Please know that your success is very important to us. CE students have chosen one of the most challenging majors at the college. This coupled with the fact that many students enter the GSOE underprepared, can make these lower level courses seem unsurmountable. But they are not, and being proactive and taking charge of your education is critical to excelling in engineering. By this I mean take advantage of all of the opportunities that we have created to help you learn: attend and actively participate in class, attend the office hours of your instructor and their teaching assistants, and really take the time to muddle through your assignments. 
  • Will fees be reimbursed since classes are online? The CUNY Board of Directors is considering a partial refund for this spring semester and will make a decision on this in the next few weeks. 
  • Will the advisement holds be removed earlier for students who are on probation? No
  • I am having problems with technology at home (computer programs, exams, etc). Please make sure your instructor knows this. If you need a computer that is compatible with some of the programs you need to use in your classes, please request a loaner through the link given below (under Emergency Student Resources). If you are unable to address your issues by talking with your instructor or by getting a loaner, please complete the survey so we are aware of your issues
  • How does the credit/no credit option work? Will choosing the credit/no credit option affect me negatively? It might. Please read the above guidance before you make that decision. 
  • How does an INC work? Please see above.
  • Will there be a GSOE graduation ceremony at the end of this semester? This is being considered. Please monitor your email for updates. 
  • Will there be a virtual job fair? The CCNY Career and Professional Development Institute held one 3-weeks ago. It is likely that they will hold another one. Please monitor your email for announcements.
  • What internship options are there? This is something that is up to the firms/agencies. Please scan their websites to see if they have found a way to social distance in the workplace. 
  • Will CE 401 (FE review course) be offered this summer? We do not currently have a plan to offer it again over the summer since we are offering it this semester. VUE testing locations are likely to reopen during the summer but at a more limited capacity so that they can maintain social distancing guidelines and so students are encouraged to sign up for a testing date now. 
  • Will classes be online in the Fall? It is likely but still undecided. In the meantime, CUNY has been asked to plan for online, hybrid and in person courses while maintaining social distancing protocols. 
  • Will classes possibly move from online to in person in the middle of the fall? This is a possibility and the decision will be made by the Governor. 
  • Will courses taught by adjuncts be cancelled due to the budget issues? This is likely to affect other departments more than ours. But, to be safe, students are encouraged to enroll early in any course they want to take. As long as the enrollment is decent or the course is required, there is a good chance that we will be able to offer the class. 
  • Will student housing be available this fall? This is still uncertain. The dorms are not managed by CUNY and not CCNY and so we need to wait for their decision.

The next CE town hall will be on monday 6/1/20 at 12pm-1pm, a couple days after grades are due. (Changed on 5/14)

You can join the town hall two ways: 

This town hall is a forum for you to ask questions, make comments, and express any concerns your might have, such as how selecting "Credit" instead of a letter grade this semester may affect you moving forwards, and any suggestions you have for the faculty or college to improve online learning next semester (which is likely but not definite). 



Prof Wittig's office hours are MO WE FR 10:30-12pm. Access audio-video at, or call 646 558 8656 and enter meeting ID 940 0263 9496. Please feel free to drop by if you have a question or just to say hi. 



These offices can be accessed MO-FR 10AM-4PM from on any device. Access audio-video through Zoom, simply click on the link listed below for the office you wish to visit. For audio only, dial 646-558-8656 and enter the meeting ID for the appropriate office.

Access our virtual front desk by making a Service Appointment through our website:

Career and Professional Development Institute
Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 907-317-3851
To schedule an appointment with your career counselor, please visit CCNY Career Connections

Financial Aid Office
Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 212-650-6656

Gateway Academic Center
Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 212-650-6115

Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 212-650-7850

Student Affairs
Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 212-650-5426

Testing Office
Phone: 646 558 8656: meeting ID: 212-650-6488


EMERGENCY STUDENT RESOURCES (new as of 4/13, 4/20)

- Free emergency grants

- Free loaner laptops



Please complete this brief survey to let us know how your courses are going:



If you have contracted COVID-19 or you have self-quarantine after suspected contact with an infected person, please:

  1. Call the college hotline at 212-650-8801, 212-650-7682 or 212-650-7298, 
  2. Inform your instructor(s) and the CE chairperson, Dr. Beth Wittig ( ), and 
  3. Take care, seek medical help as needed, and follow the most current CDC guidelines to keep those around you safe. 

Note: Student identity will be kept strictly confidential.


WHAT IS ONLINE (unless the college decides otherwise)

  • All courses are completely online for the rest of the semester. This includes all aspects of CE courses, such as computer or physical labs and all exams. Transitioning to an online platform is not trivial, and so we appreciate your patience during this process. It is likely that your professors will try a number of approaches before settling on the one that works best for them. 
  • All on-campus club activities are suspended. Students are encouraged to use online resources like "Zoom" to meet virtually.
  • All on-campus CE facilities are closed. This includes the CE computer, materials, structures, soils, hydraulics, environmental engineering and concrete labs.
  • Advisement is this month and is online. Your advisor is identified on the Advisor list (see advisement page). Note: Prof Paaswell's email address has changed. Please download and fill out the advisement form (see advisement page) and email it to your advisor. Your advisor will review your form and reply with their comments. They may also contact you by phone or web-conference as warranted. 
  • CE course office hours are online. This file gives the office hours of all of your faculty and teaching assistants (here). 





  • Credit/No credit deadline (added on 4/20): Students may opt to change their letter grade to "credit" or "no credit" up until 20 days after grades are due.
  • Pass/fail declaration deadlines and W grade deadlines: These have been extended until the last day of classes on the calendar (May 14th).
  • INC deadlines: The deadline for finalizing incompletes has been extended to the last day of classes in the Fall 2020 semester. 
  • 1st Instructional break: The semester will not be extended to account for either of the 5-day instructional recesses. Instead, faculty have been asked to share the missed lectures online. The academic calendar can be found here:
  • 2nd Instructional break: The Chancellor has announced a second instructional break that begins on FR 3/27/20 and continues through WE 4/1/20. Online classes will resume on TH 4/2/20. This applies to all courses taken at CCNY, including engineering.
  • Spring break: Spring break will be held WE 4/8/20 through FR 4/10/20. Classes resume on SA 4/11/20. Students who need to miss classes due to religious holidays should contact their instructor(s) to notify them and to arrange for how best to obtain assignments and makeup missed content. 

Please keep monitoring the emails sent from the upper administration of CUNY and CCNY for developments.


FE EXAM CANCELLATIONS (updated on 4/13)

Many VUE testing locations nearby to NYC are temporarily closed. If your appointment to take the FE exam this semester was postponed until after the semester is over, please complete this survey so we know who you are. The registrar has agreed to late-enroll students into CE 401. Also note: Some VUE testing locations in driving distance of NYC (e.g. Scranton PA) are opening soon and may still have appointments available.