Flexible Core

This list mirrors the 10/14/2020 CCNY master list of Pathways “flexible core” courses, but for simplicity only includes the areas of interest to Grove School of Engineering (GSoE) students.

Additional “college option” liberal arts are also required.  General information about GSoE liberal arts requirements >>


Satisfying the Flexible Core CREATIVE EXPRESSION (CE) requirement:

Arch. & Env. Studies AES 23202 Survey of World Architecture I
Arch. & Env. Studies AES 24202 Survey of World Architecture II
Art Art 10000 Introduction to the Visual Arts of the World (or 10001, honors)
Music Mus 10100 Introduction to Music (or 10101, honors)
Music Mus 10200 Introduction to World Music (or 10201, honors)
Music Mus 14500 Introduction to Jazz (or 14501, honors)
Philosophy Phil 14300 What Is Art?
Theatre Thtr 13100 Introduction to Theatre Arts
Urban Studies Urb 20010 Introduction to Urban Studies
CUNY Honors College MHC 10101 The Arts in New York City, Seminar I, honors

Satisfying the Flexible Core WORLD CULTURES AND GLOBAL ISSUES (WCGI) requirement:

Anthropology Anth 10100 General Anthropology
Anthropology Anth 20000 Archaeology
Asian Studies Asia 10100 Asia and Its Peoples
Asian Studies Asia 20200 Contemporary Asia
Asian Studies Asia 20500 Contemporary China
Black Studies BlSt 10200 African Heritage: Caribbean-Brazilian Experience
Black Studies BlSt 31201 Africa and the Modern World  (= Hist 27600)
Classical Culture Clss 32100 Classical Myth in Film
French Fren 28300 The Literature of Contemporary France
History Hist 20400 Early Modern Europe (was 31200)
History Hist 20600 Modern Europe
History Hist 23700 Asia and the World
History Hist 23800 The Middle East in Global History
History Hist 27600 Africa and the Modern World  (= BlSt 31201)
Int’l Studies Intl 20100 International Studies: A Global Perspective
Jewish Studies JwSt 11700 The Bible and Its Stories (was 31602)
Latino Studies LALS 10100 The Heritage Of The Spanish Antilles
Philosophy Phil 14100 Asian Philosophy
Spanish Span 28100 Masterworks of Spanish Literature I
Spanish Span 28300 Masterworks of Latin American Literature
Theatre Thtr 21100 Theatre History 1
Theatre Thtr 21200 Theatre History 2
Theatre Thtr 21300 Theatre History 3
Urban Studies URB 31000 The City in History
World Humanities WHum 10100 World Humanities I: Intro. to World Literature (or 10101, honors)
World Humanities WHum 10200 World Humanities II: Intro. to World Literature (or 10201, honors)
World Humanities WHum 10312 World Humanities: Modern World Literature (or 10321, honors)
World Civilizations WCiv 10100 Prehistory to 1500 A.D. (or 10101, honors)
World Civilizations WCiv 10200 1500 to the Present (or 10201, honors)

Satisfying the Flexible Core INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY (IS) requirement:

Anthropology Anth 20100 Cross Cultural Perspectives
Economics Eco 10250 Principles of Microeconomics (was 10000)
Economics Eco 19150 Introduction to Economics, honors (was 10101)
Education & Culture EdCE 25600 Language, Mind, and Society 
Jewish Studies JwSt 10411 Psychology of Religion
Jewish Studies JwSt 10500 Introduction to Jewish Law and Ethics
Jewish Studies JwSt 28100 The Holocaust
Library Lib 10000 Research in the Digital Age
New Student Sem. NSS 11000 Creativity, Community and Change
Philosophy Phil 14400 Environmental Philosophy (was Phil 11206)
Philosophy Phil 14500 Ethics in Business
Philosophy Phil 14600 Justice
Philosophy Phil 14700 Personal Morality
Philosophy Phil 14800 Persons and Machines
Philosophy Phil 14900 Science, Technology and Society
Psychology Psy 10200 Psych. in the Modern World (or 10101, honors)
Sociology Soc 10500 Individual, Group and Society: Intro (or 10501, honors)
Women's Studies WS 10000 Women's/Gender Roles in Contemporary Society
CUNY Honors College MHC 20401 Shaping the Future of New York City, Seminar IV, honors

Satisfying the Flexible Core U.S. EXPERIENCE IN ITS DIVERSITY (US) requirement:

Black Studies BlSt 10100 African Heritage and the Afro-American Experience
English Engl 15500 American Literature
History Hist 24000 The United States: From Its Origins to 1877
History Hist 24100 The United States since 1865
Philosophy Phil 14200 Race, Gender, and Philosophy
Political Science PSc 10100 American Government and Politics (or 10101, honors)
U.S. Society USSo 10100 U.S. Society (or 10101, honors)
CUNY Honors College MHC 10201 The Peopling of New York, Seminar II, honors


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