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Time Magazine Man of the Year: Andy Grove

In 1997, Andy Grove was named TIME Magazine Man of the Year. Editor Walter Isaacson wrote:

“…the story that had the most impact on 1997 was the one that had the most impact throughout this decade: the growth of a new economy, global in scope but brought home in the glad tidings of personal portfolios, that has been propelled by the power of the microchip.

And so TIME chooses as its 1997 Man of the Year Andrew Steven Grove, chairman and CEO of Intel, the person most responsible for the amazing growth in the power and innovative potential of microchips.

He has a courageous passion alloyed with an engineer's analytic coldness, whether it be in battling his prostate cancer or in guiding Intel's death-defying climb to dominate the market for the world's most important product.”

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Last Updated: 04/30/2019 13:00