Physics-based vision is one branch in Computer Vision, which formulates image formation processes from original 3D worlds to 2D images using physics, optics and mathematics, and then to rigorously solve the inverse equations of these processes for recovering the original 3D worlds from given 2D images. Dr. Katsushi Ikechi’s Research Information Series talk explained the origin of physics-based vision, and then, provided the retrospective of his research in this branch: what the motivations of his research were and how he overcomes the issues. Then, he explained some perspectives on how to apply such physics-based vision to various application areas including e-Heritage and Cyberarchaeology. Finally, he examined the junction area between the physics-based vision and the deep learning and provided new research directions in Physics-based vision.

Katsushi Ikechi received the BE degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kyoto Univ. in 1973 and the PhD degree in Information Engineering from the Univ. of Tokyo in 1978. After working at the AI Lab, MIT for three years; AIST for five years; RI, CMU for 10 years; IIS, U Tokyo for 19 years, he joined Microsoft as a Principal Researcher in 2015. During the tenure in the universities, he supervised more than 50 PhD students, and many master and bachelor students. His research interest spans computer vision, robotics, and computer graphics. In these research fields, he has received around two dozen best paper awards, including the ICCV David Marr award and IEEE RAS K. S. Fu Trans. paper award. In addition, in 1992, his paper on shape-from-shading was selected as one of the most influential papers to have appeared in the Artificial Intelligence Journal within the past 10 years.

His community service includes: general chair of IROS95, ITSC99, IV01, ICCV05, ACCV07, ICCV17; program chair of CVPR96, ICCV03, ICRA09, ICPR12, ICCV15; EIC of IJCV (2000-2017) and IJ ITS (2012- 2014); and a distinguished lecturer of IEEE SPS in 2000-2002, IEEE RAS in 2004-2006 and IEEE CS in 2008-2010. Through his research and society service, he was awarded Fellows from IEEE, IEICE, IPSJ and RSJ.

Katsushi Ikeuchi, Ph.D.
Principal Researcher, MICROSOFT RESEARCH ASIA 
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Friday March 23, 2018
11 AM to 12:15 PM

Steinman Hall
Conference Room of Electrical Engineering Department, 623