Biological Safety

The City College of New York is subject to laws and regulations that require users of biological materials and pathogens to be trained and follow guidelines that ensure the security and safety of research personnel and staff.

Bloodborne Pathogens and Training

PIs and lab personnel working in a BSL-1 or BSL-2 environment are required to take annual bloodborne pathogen training, either through scheduled sessions with EHOS members or the CITI training service. Responsible individuals working in these locations should familiarize themselves with the annually reviewed CCNY Exposure Control Plan to be prepared in case of a biological emergency.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedure templates are available for processes involving biological materials in both BSL-1 and BSL-2 laboratories that differ from the template provided by EHOS for non-biological procedures. PIs working with biohazardous materials are recommended to contact EHOS when developing standard operating procedures to receive these templates when necessary. Any questions regarding the development of biological SOPs or the initiation of experiments that require IACUC clearance should be directed to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


Last Updated: 07/20/2023 09:38