An extensive recycling program and marketing campaigns are encouraging everyone on campus to recycle, reuse, and to consume less.  We not only separate paper, plastic, and metal, but also properly dispose of e-waste, carpeting, batteries, and construction debris.


Completed Goals:

  • Installed eight hydration stations to decrease the use of plastic water bottles and promote the use of refillable water containers.
  • Donated computers and electronic equipment that were repaired for re-use rather than sent to dismantlers.
  • Installed electric Dyson hand dryers in restrooms to reduce paper waste.
  • Provided training to facilities and custodial staff to increase awareness of recycling and conservation practices.
  • Partnered with the Department of Sanitation of New York to track all waste that leaves the premises in order to analyze our consumption habits and explore better "reduce and re-use practices".
  • Recycled used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.
  • Launched a major recycling campaign with posters and advertisements on key locations such as offices, computer labs, restrooms, and cafeterias.
  • Installed five more hydration stations and  supplied students with CCNY Green reusable bottles.

Goals in Progress:

  • Study the areas where recycling efforts can be increased or modified, by continually evaluating the use of receptacles and locations across campus.
  • Continue enforcing our recycling policies with food service vendors and contractors.
  • Adopt a comprehensive campus-wide double sided printing policy.
  • Use "CCNY Green" webpage and other social media as marketing tools to post updates and information about campus recycling practices.

Future Goals:

  • Encourage all college departments to accept lightly-used furniture and equipment before purchasing new items.
  • Reduce the amount of electronic equipment that is discarded by establishing an agreement with a non-profit organization that will take it to repair and redistribute.
  • Continue to purchase products made from recycled materials, and educate the campus community that reducing waste is preferable to recycling.

Rethink and Reconsider recycling poster

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