Environmental Health and Occupational Safety

The office of Environmental Health and Occupational Safety (EHOS) is committed to protecting the health and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and visitors while at the City College of New York. Together we must maintain a healthy and safe campus and foster a culture of safety throughout the college.

Creating and maintaining environmental health and occupational safety is a shared responsibility. All members of CCNY should recognize and work to reduce injuries and minimize adverse environmental impacts. It is essential that deans, directors, department heads, and faculty and staff supervisors lead this effort. Employees are to take an active part in their own safety and the safety of those around them. This includes the following responsibilities:

  1. understanding and complying with the requirements set forth by federal and state laws and regulations
  2. reporting all incidents and accidents immediately
  3. completing required training, and
  4. taking responsibility for a safe and healthy campus.

The EHOS office has been entrusted with developing innovative and responsible programs and procedures to support this commitment including conducting periodic assessments to review performance and track corrective actions. The objectives of the various EHOS programs are to:

  1. prevent or mitigate human, economic, or environmental losses arising from accidents or exposure to occupational hazards;
  2. incorporate safety measures and principles into all phases of campus operations, including research, teaching, and facility design and construction;
  3. achieve and maintain compliance with state and federal laws and regulations; and
  4. improve our performance by adopting high standards in environmental and occupational safety.

Information regarding lab inspections, correcting cited violations, and accessing chemical inventory can be found at the Lab Inspections page.

Last Updated: 07/17/2023 16:33