CCNY benefits from its proximity to public transportation. Most of our students use public transportation to commute to campus; therefore, we are focusing our energy conservation activities on promoting walking, cycling, carpooling, and acquiring fuel efficient vehicles.

Completed goals:

  • Switched vehicles in our fleet from regular fuel power to fuel-efficient, hybrid or electrical vehicles.
  • Installed bicycle racks across campus to encourage cycling rather than driving.
  • Set up reduced parking rates to those who drive hybrid fuel vehicles to campus.
  • Run extended hours for the shuttle bus service to and from subways stations in order to encourage utilization of public transportation.
  • Added two brand new "Blue Bird Vision" low sulfur diesel fuel vehicles to our fleet.

Goals in Progress:

  • Meticulously collect data on fuel consumption and costs in order to help us understand our practices and therefore, help us reduce emissions.

Future Goals:

  • Continue to conduct surveys in order to assess potential emission savings by changing driving patterns.
  • Purchase only fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles when replacing or adding to the fleet.
CCNY Green Car

Last Updated: 10/18/2019 12:01