Radiation Safety

EHOS has a mission to support radiation-related research and teaching activities by providing training, information, and services that enable individual faculty, staff, and students to work safely and in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.


Please contact EHOS at (212) 650-5080. Radioactive materials that enter the College are tracked from arrival to disposal.


Upon receiving the radioactive package inspect to see if the package has been checked for contamination by examining the security seal and confirming the package was opened by Radiation Safety Personnel. If the radioactive package is ok then sign the receipt and store in the proper location.

If the package was not properly checked, do not sign the receipt and ask the Radiation Safety Personnel to check the package for contamination.


All materials that are contaminated with radionuclides must be placed in the Radiation Safety Complex.  Please contact EHOS at (212) 650-5080 for handling instructions.


Note and Precautions:

Spreading of radiation beyond the spill area can easily occur by the movement of personnel involved in the spill or cleanup effort. Prevent spread by confining movement of personnel until they have been monitored and found free of contamination.

A minor radiation spill is one that the laboratory staff is capable of handling safety without the assistance of the Radiation Safety Department. All other radiation spills are considered major.

Contact the office of public safety immediately at (212) 650-7777 or 6911 for major spills.


  • Alert people in the immediate area of the spill.
  • Wear protective equipment, including safety goggles, disposable gloves, shoe covers, and long-sleeve lab coat.
  • Place absorbent paper towels over liquid spill. Place towels dampened with water or decontaminant cleaner over spills of solid materials.
  • Using forceps or gloved hand, placed towels in plastic bag. Dispose in radiation waste container.
  • Monitor area, hands, and shoes for contamination with an appropriate survey meter. Repeat cleanup until contamination is no longer detected.
  • If assistance needed, call Radiation Safety.


  • Attend to injured or contaminated persons and remove them from exposure.
  • Alert people in the laboratory to evacuate.
  • Have potentially contaminated personnel stay in one area until they have been monitored and shown to be free of contamination.
  • Call the Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Personnel.
  • Close the doors and prevent entrance into affected area.

Last Updated: 01/29/2024 10:32