Custodial Services

Our custodial team provides cleaning services with the goal of enhancing the health and general well being of students, faculty and staff.  We are committed to utilizing sustainable products and processes.   See below for a list of tasks performed by our custodial team.  You may also review the Service Guide for contact information for specific services and placing a work order request.


  • Empty trash cans – Cans are emptied and liners are replaced only if soiled.  By replacing plastic bags only when necessary, we reduce the amount of plastic introduced into the waste stream.
  • Empty paper recycling bins – Bins are emptied and cleaned with a wet wiped if needed.  In order to reduce the amount of plastic introduced to the waste streams, paper bins are not lined with plastic bags.
  • Empty official recycling bins – Empty indoor bins designated for aluminum can and plastic bottle recycling.  These bins are located in public areas.

General cleaning

  • Litter – Pick up and dispose of litter items such as papers, cups, food wrappers and containers, etc.
  • Furniture arrangement – Return movable furniture to typical configuration, such as placing chairs back under tables after mopping or vacuuming floors.
  • Door handles – To reduce potential cross contamination all doorknobs, lever handles, push plates, push bars, and pull handles are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Restroom fixtures – Restroom sinks, mirrors, toilets, urinals, towel dispensers, and partitions are all disinfected during routine sanitation.
  • Restroom supplies – Hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper are all replenished during routine sanitation of restrooms, and up to multiple times daily, especially in high traffic areas.
  • Water fountains – Steam wash and disinfect all drinking fountains, including hydration stations, on a daily basis.
  • Floor mats – Entrance floor mats are vacuumed or turned over to remove dirt.
  • Door glass – Glass doors are wiped clean of smudges, smears and spots.
  • Furniture cleaning – Plastic, wood, or vinyl upholstered furniture is wiped clean when necessary to remove dirt, grime and spots.  Wet cleaning of upholstered furniture is provided only upon special request.
  • Surface Cleaning – Surfaces such as tabletops, desks, and walls are wet wiped to remove dirt, grime and spots.
  • Chalkboards and white boards – Classroom chalkboards, whiteboards and chalk trays are wiped clean daily.
  • Dusting – Surfaces that are free of objects, including vents, ledges, window sills, and cubicle partitions are dusted routinely.
  • Windows – interior window washing is performed ONLY by request.
  • Graffiti removal – Graffiti is an unsightly form of vandalism and presents a costly problem for CC.  We use various methods and products to remove graffiti, but the best solution is to prevent it in the first place.  It is our aim to prevent graffiti from taking place by encouraging students, faculty, and staff to report it immediately to the Office of Public Safety at (212) 650-7777 or 6911.

Floor care

  • Vacuum – All carpeted floors are vacuumed to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Spot cleaning carpets – Spots and spills on carpet are removed without cleaning the whole carpet.
  • Sweeping – Brooms are used routinely to sweep restrooms, hallways, outside entrances, and all hard floors.
  • Mopping – Manual damp mopping is used on hard floors to remove spots and spills.  To remove stuck and embedded dirt, manual wet cleaning of hard surface floors is provided.
  • Scrubbing – Machine scrubbing is used to deep clean hard floor surfaces in restrooms and other areas that do not required application of floor wax.

Last Updated: 08/13/2023 22:53