Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is my facilitator?

Each Department has a facilitator who puts these work orders in. If you need to know who your Facilitator is, please call the Facilities Office at x.8675.   

2. How do I request for furniture to be moved or removed?

Please ask your Facilitator to put in a work request for the Laborers. Please clearly mark anything that has to be trashed.

3. How do I get a floor stripped, waxed, or shampooed?

Please submit a work request here.

4. How do I get a classroom/office painted?

Please submit a work request here.

5. What if my light bulbs need to be replaced?

Submit a work request here.

6.How do I get window shades/blinds?

You buy the shades and we will install them, or we can provide a quote from an outside vendor.or. Please put in a work order here once your shades have been purchased, and our Maintenance department will come and put them up.

7. How do I report a problem with a classroom?

Please email %6e%79.%65du" rel="nofollow">  and we will send someone to address the problem

8. Who changes the clocks in the classrooms?

They are automatically set by Facilities Management. 

9. If I ordered equipment/furniture how will it be set up?

When purchasing equipment, delivery and assembly must be included in your work request.

10. What if I need to setup for an event?

Event setups (tables, chairs, a/v support, stanchions, etc) are facilitated through the Office of Events Management.  Departments, organizations or individuals wishing to hold an event at City College must first complete an Event Application which can be found on the Events Management website.  Completed applications (and any additional questions) can be emailed to:  cc%6eye%76ents@ccny.cuny .%65du" rel="nofollow"> , or call 212-650-5433 for general information.

11. What if I need signs to be made for an office?

For signs, submit a work request for the sign shop.

12. If modifications are needed for a room what procedures do I follow?

All modifications are projects and must be approved by the provost.

13. Is there a place to store excess furniture?

No there is no available space for furniture. 

14. I need exterminating services?

Submit a work request for the exterminator.

15. How can I get access to an office/room that is locked?

Please call public safety at extension x6911

16. What do I do if something appears to be unsafe?

Please call facilities at x8675 immediately and report it.

17. How can I report a restroom that needs assistance?

Please email  and we will send someone to address the problem.

18. How do I order keys?

The Key Shop handles all requests for keys. An Official Key Request Form must be filled out.

19. Where do I get information about the City College bus and shuttle service?

We have a bus and we have a shuttle that run from 7:00am- 9:45pm Monday through Friday and 8:15am – 4:00pm on Saturdays. Please check our website for the schedule and bus route.

20. What is the bus schedule?

Please see the Next Bus website for bus schedule information.

21. Is the bus handicapped accessible?

Yes all busses are handicapped accessible.

22. Is there an escort service available?

Yes, please call security at x6911. 

23. What happens when it snows?

The campus and all parking lots will be cleared by Facilities Management.