CCNY Green Task Force

Who We Are

Established by Office of the President in 2007, The CCNY Green Taskforce consists of seven teams of students, faculty and staff. Guiding our efforts of becoming a more sustainable campus, CCNY Green monitors the areas of energy, water, transportation, recycling, procurement, nutrition, and community outreach.  Several tracking and reporting systems are used to monitor our progress toward achieving the goals for each area and the over-arching aim of reducing CCNY's greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2017 and to an effective level of zero by 2050. 

CCNY periodically checks its progress toward achieving its energy goals by using a greenhouse gas emissions measurement tool developed specifically for this purpose.  This measurement tool follows the guidelines of the World Resources Institute; this tool provides information on greenhouse gas emissions associated with mobile and stationary fuel sources, fugitive sources, process sources, purchased electricity and steam, as well as solid waste quantities, and greenhouse gases generated by commuters.

Obtaining Our Goal   

The bulk of the greenhouse gas reductions will be achieved through projects addressing energy consumption.  However, the campus community – faculty, staff and students – will be asked to make behavioral changes that will help reduce the college's carbon footprint.  For students, these actions will create an important connection between what they learn in the classroom, and the impact they have on their physical environment.

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