Office Support Services

The Office Support Services is composed of administrative departments that provide a variety of campus services to the entire CCNY college community. The departments within the division are Mail Services, Duplicating, and Receiving. Additionally, the Division is also responsible for the implementation of the CUNY Records Management Initiative, a program to identify essential records and streamline their retention.

Each subsection goes into greater detail about the services that are offered by these departments. The answers to many frequently asked questions can be found here. More importantly, this site is intended to be an important tool for the college community. Using this site, you can submit a copy job for duplicating, inform Recieving of equipment removal or other changes, and track packages sent via the USPS, UPS, and Federal Express.

By accessing the resources that are provided here, you can get the most out of the available services that are provided by the Division and more effectively accomplish your goals. Just remember the most important rule of all; planning ahead is the key to success!

Last Updated: 07/25/2023 13:11