HEO Reclassification

Summary of HEO title definitions and qualifications: (taken from CUNY Code of Practice):

● For reclassification from Asst to HEO to HEO Asst: Must demonstrate at least four years experience in the position, supervision by a major educational officer of a college or the university with a limited area of planning, research or professional and/or administrative duties.

● For reclassification from HEO Asst to HEO Associate: Must demonstrate at least six years experience related to the position and that the job now involves reporting to a HEO or major educational officer and includes supervisory functions not previously assigned or includes overall responsibility for the development of a major program within the college or University.

● For reclassification from HEO Associate to HEO: Must demonstrate at least eight years of experience related to the position and assumes full responsibility for a major area of college or University activity with supervisory responsibility.

Last Updated: 05/15/2024 11:45