Student, Faculty, and Alumni Stories

  Crossing Horizons: Anson Cheuk-Hin Chung's Journey in Political Science Anson Cheuk-Hin Chung, a 2022 graduate of CCNY in Political Science and History, is currently pursuing an MA in Political Science at the University of Toronto.  Where are you from, and what is your background story? Please share your details from the period before you arrived at CCNY. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and immigrated to New York City when I was fifteen. Before my migration in 2016, Hong Kong had experienced several social movements, including the 2014… Read More »

  Nushrat Bushra: A Personal Journey to Mental Health Advocacy Please share a little about your background — what’s your story? I am a first-generation college student, born and raised in Bangladesh. I moved to the USA at the age of 12, entering a completely new environment. Initially, adapting was challenging due to the cultural and religious differences. It took some time to feel comfortable here, especially without any friends and having left my brother and relatives back in Bangladesh. Language was another significant hurdle. Although I could… Read More »

  Societal Perspectives: Professor Larry Au's Journey In the academic realm, Professor Larry Au stands out for his interdisciplinary scholarship. Originally from Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Au has spent the last decade in New York City. He became an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department in Fall 2022. Au's research focuses on inclusive science and medicine, delving into precision medicine's globalization and the politics surrounding long Covid. As he works on his first book project on Chinese biomedical innovation, Dreams of Global Science: The… Read More »

    Paul Wachtel’s Journey from Physics to Psychology and a Storied Career at CCNY   Please share something about your personal and professional background. I grew up in the Bronx and have been a New Yorker for most of my life. We were a family of four living in a one bedroom apartment. My father had dropped out of school after the ninth grade to support his single mother and younger sister. So I can identify with the many students at City who are the first in their family to attend college, and with the experience of whole new worlds… Read More »

    From Immigrant Roots to Legal Leadership: Andre Desir ‘16 Andre Desir ‘16, who was born to immigrant parents from Haiti and Canada, initially undervalued a college education. Desir's decision to attend CCNY and join the Colin Powell School was deeply influenced by his father's educational legacy and the allure of CCNY’s diverse programs and vibrant community. Motivated by a desire for maximum agency in navigating life, he recognized education as the key to a better future. At CCNY, Desir participated in the Skadden Arps Program (now the Honors… Read More »

  Steven Fernandez Major: Economics and Business Please share a little about your background — what’s your story? I'm currently a graduating senior at the Colin Powell School, majoring in economics with a concentration in finance. I was born in the beautiful Dominican Republic and spent my early years in the rural countryside (i.e., “campo”). In 2007, when I was six, my family and I moved to New York. We settled in the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Inwood and Washington Heights. Our years in upper Manhattan have brought about their fair share of… Read More »

  Sumaiya Rashid Major: Psychology Minor(s): Anthropology & International Studies Please share a little about your background — what’s your story? I am a child of two extremely hardworking Bangladeshi immigrants who came here to pursue opportunity and a chance for education. I am a first-generation college student, born and raised in Queens, where I was always immersed within a deeply diverse community. Due to my upbringing, I gained an extremely culturally conscious lens that I apply to my personal, professional, and academic career.  … Read More »

  Ziné Ebersohn Majors: Psychology and Philosophy Please share a little about your background — what’s your story? I grew up in a small town in South Africa with parents who worked extremely hard to provide a life of love and opportunities for my brother and me. From a young age I have always been interested in listening to other people’s stories and I found my way to the stage and performing. After high school I got a scholarship to study acting in New York and that was the start of my scholarly intimacy with human behavior and the bigger questions… Read More »

  Kazi Tejwar Majors: Political Science and Government; Sociology  Minor: Legal Studies  Please share a little about your background — what’s your story?    I was born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and I’m a proud son of two Bengali immigrants. My story always starts with my parents. They’ve sacrificed their entire lives to come to America to give their three children the best possible lives they can lead. I will never forget their sacrifice.  Growing up, I’ve seen the devastating effects our economic and political… Read More »

    Alivya Barry, BA/MA program in Research Psychology with a minor in anthropology. Please share a little about your background — what’s your story?  I grew up in a mission-oriented family. When I was 7, we started fostering kids out of the fostercare system, which exposed me to many levels of trauma, I saw the impacts of poverty, cognitive disabilities, and physical/emotional/sexual abuse. My parents dedicated most of my childhood years to their non-profit which aimed to create safe homes and spaces, as well as fill other gaps within the… Read More »

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