Fulvio Dobrich, Class of 1971 Alumnus, Leaves a Lasting Legacy with New Americans Scholars Program


Fulvio with FellowsFulvio Dobrich, Class of 1971 Alumnus, Leaves a Lasting Legacy with New Americans Scholars Program 

“I only met Fulvio for a brief moment; however, in that moment I saw the kindness in him, and that he truly cared about the students he was supporting. I will always remember him for giving me this opportunity to work towards my goals, but above all, for being an amazing person.”

— Alexander Pichol, Colin Powell Undergraduate Fellow 2021-2022

“Meeting Mr. Dobrich, along with some other students from my fellowship cohort, was one of the most memorable experiences of my Fall '21 semester. We had a night of great conversations over dinner, where we learned about Mr. Dobrich's City College journey and subsequent career. Hearing his story was incredibly inspiring, as his immigrant experience reflected our own. Mr. Dobrich deeply cared about all the fellows and asked us if meetings like the one we were having would prove beneficial for future cohorts: we all said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat! Though he is no longer here with us, all of us look forward to carrying on his legacy of perseverance and service.”

— Aryaana Khan, Colin Powell Undergraduate Fellow 2021-2022

“Fulvio Dobrich's passing deeply saddens me, and my heart goes out to his family. I remember meeting Fulvio Dobrich for the first time in 2021 during a small dinner with other Dobrich New Americans fellows under the Colin Powell School. I addressed him as ‘Mr. Dobrich,’ to which he corrected me, saying, ‘Please, call me Fulvio.’ So, I will humbly address him as Fulvio. During the dinner, Fulvio eagerly listened to us introduce ourselves and talk about our passions and interests. I observed as he nodded his head and even gestured for some to speak up louder. Fulvio was fully engaged in hearing our stories and uplifting our voices. He encouraged me to continue pursuing law school, saying that as a lawyer, I can create the change I aspire to see. I am motivated to continue his legacy and am thankful for all the opportunities he created for other fellows and me. As I continue in life, I will forever be grateful that I had the chance to meet Fulvio and carry out my dreams made possible by Fulvio's support.”

— Nija Daniels, Colin Powell Undergraduate Fellow 2021-2022

“Five years ago I was home insecure, food insecure, and was on the verge of dropping out from undergraduate with no hope or financial aid due to my immigration status. Mr. Dobrich's generosity and love for City College, by his contributions to the Colin Powell Fellowship, gave me a way out and placed me on a path to college graduation with the merit scholarship I received. CCNY will always hold a dear place in my heart, it's where I was intellectually challenged by peers, organized students to secure increased funding to CUNY colleges, met my best friend who is now my wife. Thanks to Mr. Dobrich, his fellow CCNY graduate worked at the Mayor's office as an NYC Urban Fellow and is a Schwarzman Scholar earning his Master's degree on a full-ride scholarship in China. CCNY and alumni like Mr. Dobrich, will have left behind a legacy of hope in a deeply unequal and unfair world where disparities seem so deeply trenched. “

— Haris Khan, Colin Powell Undergraduate Fellow 2017-2019

“My condolences to the Dobrich family on the untimely loss of Mr. Dobrich.  It was through the generous support of Mr. Dobrich and his family that I was able to learn more about the political process and to further my understanding of healthcare policy. I continue to utilize the skills and knowledge learned through the New Americans Scholar program to improve the care of my patients.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand my medical education beyond the confines of the traditional medical curriculum and may you rest in peace.”

— Sebastian Rubino, Dobrich New American Scholar 2008-2010

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