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Aravdeep Kaur



Aravdeep Kaur

Aravdeep Kaur, a senior majoring in Economics, was raised by Punjabi immigrant parents in Queens and discovered her passion for Finance and Analytics while attending CCNY. Kaur underscores the pivotal role of the Colin Powell School in providing opportunities for professional growth, including fellowships and internships.

Please share a little about your background — what’s your story?  

I was born and raised in a vibrant neighborhood in Queens, to Punjabi immigrant parents. I attended P.S. 108, M.S. 137, and then Brooklyn Technical High School and throughout these formative years, my parents had instilled in me the importance of education. During middle and high school, I was a quiet and shy student who rarely took advantage of the opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities alongside my peers. Upon graduating high school in 2020, during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was determined to step out of my comfort zone and welcome change. 

What is your passion or purpose behind your studies at CCNY?

As I began my academic journey at CCNY, my goal was to pursue a degree in Biochemistry on a pre-medical track. However, a pivotal moment occurred when my CCNY peer mentor helped me realize that medicine was not truly my passion. I declared my major in Economics after completing my first semester at CCNY due to the versatility of the field. However, it was when I delved into courses like Financial Analysis & Decision Making and Python for Business Analytics that I discovered my passion for Finance and Analytics. After making this significant decision, I was welcomed into the Colin Powell School with much support and guidance from my academic advisors and professors. 

Where are you in your career? How has the Colin Powell School helped you along the way?

CCNY has allowed me to gain immense knowledge through my coursework, but this institution also gave me the opportunities to build on my academic and professional experience through fellowships like the Santander and S Jay Levy Fellowship Program, the Student Success Guide Peer Mentorship Program, and by working at the Colin Powell School as a Finance College Assistant. As a Santander and S Jay Levy Fellow, I was able to learn advanced financial analysis and receive mentorship and professional development guidance which assisted in my receiving an Accounting internship at Downtown Brooklyn Partnership during the summer of 2023. Working at the Colin Powell School Finance Office as a college assistant, with an incredible team, for two years was the beginning of my career journey. These opportunities allowed me to form meaningful connections with professionals working in the Finance sector and start life-long friendships with my peers.

What are your post-graduation plans? 

Currently, I am working part-time as the Operations and Finance Coordinator for Leadership for Democracy and Social Justice at the Colin Powell School and CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. I am thrilled to join LDSJ full-time after I graduate in Spring 2024! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the institution that allowed me to pursue higher education and sharpen my professional skills as a student. Looking ahead, I hope to further my education, specifically in Analytics, through graduate school and make a commitment to life-long learning by seeking opportunities to enhance my knowledge throughout my career and personal journey. 

Please share a significant memory and/or accomplishment from your time at CCNY. 

An unforgettable moment from my time at CCNY was the privilege of attending the Equitable Advisors’ Greater New York Impact Day event at the iconic Apollo Theater. Alongside my peers, I had the honor of hearing from influential community leaders and changemakers from both public and private sectors, while also being awarded a generous scholarship. We were able to invite our parents to celebrate the occasion with us and hear from leaders regarding financial literacy and their journeys to success. The event ended with a performance by an American Idol Finalist and the chance to network with speakers and attendees, making it a memorable and enriching experience. 

Do you have any advice you could give to current or future students?

As I reflect on my academic journey at CCNY, I realize that doubt and uncertainty are intrinsic to the college experience. Most students do not know what major they would like to declare or how to achieve their academic and professional goals. This is why it is crucial that you allow yourself to learn about the possibilities by taking advantage of several opportunities, like fellowships and clubs while keeping an open mind. Form friendships with students, connect with your professors, and remember that this is the perfect time to venture beyond your comfort zone. College is a challenging moment in our lives, but it emphasizes the importance of having a support system of staff and faculty, and especially students who share your experience. Last, practice self-compassion and learn to embrace uncertainty.

How would you describe CPS in three words?
Inclusive, Inspiring, and Empowering

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