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Council of Foreign Relations Teleconferences

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Council of Foreign Relations Teleconferences


Students of the Colin Powell School benefit from the school's partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, which enable students to take part in the Council's invitation-only teleconferences with national and international policy experts and leaders on critical issues facing the world today. The list of teleconference opportunities here include suggestions for background reading. 

Council on Foreign Relations Teleconferences (All in Shepard Hall, rm. 558, from noon to 1 P.M)

Wednesday, February 12

Academic Conference Call: "2014 Preventive Priorities"

Speakers: Paul B. Stares, General John W. Vessey, senior fellow for conflict prevention, director of the Center for Preventive Action, Council on Foreign Relations
Background Reading: Preventive Priorities Survey: 2014, Global Conflict Tracker

Wednesday, March 12

Academic Conference Call: "Overdoing or Underdoing: Why Can't American Foreign Policy Do Better?"

Stephen Sestanovich, George F. Kennan, senior fellow for russian and eurasian studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Background Reading: What Would Richard Holbrooke Do?, Pull Back: The Case for a Less Active Foreign Policy,Lean Forward: In Defense of American Engagement

Thursday, March 27

Academic Conference Call: "Update on the Congo

Jason Stearns, director, Usalama Project
Background Reading: Congo's Sudden Calm: A Break in Rwandan Meddling and the Defeat of the M23 Rebels, Helping Congo Help Itself: What It Will Take to End Africa's Worst War


Wednesday, April 9

Academic Conference Call: "Afghanistan After the Drawdown"

Seth G. Jones, Associate Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation
Background Reading: Afghanistan After the Drawdown, Prospects for Afghanistan in 2014

Thursday, April 24

Academic Conference Call: "Global Gender Gaps"

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, senior fellow for women and foreign policy, Council on Foreign Relations
Background Reading: World Economic Forum: The Global Gender Gap Report, Women Starting Up the Middle East