Majors, Minors and Degree Programs

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What degree programs are offered in the Colin Powell School?

The majors and minors are:

Anthropology B.A.

Economics B.A.

Economics B.A. / M.A.

Management and Administration B.A.

Economics with Specialization in Finance B.A.

International Studies B.A.

International Relations M.A.

Latin American and Latino Studies B.A.

Political Science B.A.

Psychology B.A. 

Psychology B.S.

Psychology B.A. / M.A.

Psychology M.A.

Public Policy / Affairs (minor only)

Public Service Management M.P.A.

Sociology B.A. 

Sociology M.A.

Women's Studies (minor only)

What are the main differences between a B.A. degree and a B.S. degree?

There are several differences between the two degrees. Typically, students pursuing a B.A. degree must take three (3) semesters of the same foreign language and two (2) sciences (these do not need to be laboratory sciences). For the B.S. degree, most students are required to take two (2) semesters of the same language in addition to four (4) laboratory sciences and two (2) semesters of calculus. Remember, the requirements may vary depending on your particular circumstances; please see an advisor for more information.

Can I declare two majors?

Yes, you may declare two majors as long as they both lead to the same degree (see above). For example, you can major in Psychology (B.A.) and Economics (B.A.), but you can't major in Political Science (B.A.) and in Physics (B.S.).

Can I get two degrees at one time?

You cannot obtain a B.A. degree and a B.S. degree at the same time. For example, you cannot major in Economics (B.A. degree) and Chemistry (B.S. degree). Both majors must lead to the same degree. There are however several majors that allow students to earn a B.A. degree and a M.A. degree at one time; these majors are Economics and Psychology. If you are interested in pursuing a B.A./M.A. degree, speak to a faculty advisor in that department.

What are the steps to declaring a major?

To declare a major, you must get a major declaration form from the Office of the Registrar. Fill out the form and take it to the department of your intended major. The form must be signed by a faculty advisor and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

What is a minor?

Students may choose to develop in-depth knowledge about an area of study outside of their major by pursuing a minor. Typically, a minor requires at least 15 credits of coursework, though the requirements vary from department to department. You declare a minor in the same way that you declare a major (submit a signed major declaration form to the Registrar's Office). Be sure to read the instructions on the form carefully and speak with an advisor in the department in which you want to minor.

What is a Major Program Sheet and where can I get one?

A major program sheet is a document given to you by your major department certifying that you have completed the major requirements. Once you've completed the major requirements, this document is submitted to the academic advisors in NAC 6/293 as proof that you've completed all the requirements for your major.

What is the "residency requirement?"

All Colin Powell School students must complete a minimum number of credits in the College of Arts and Sciences. These rules are especially important for transfer students and for students who enter the Colin Powell School from Engineering, Architecture, or Education. The residency requirement has three parts:

1. Either 80 credits (minimum) or the last 30 credits toward your degree must be completed at City College.

2. At minimum, 60% of your major requirements must be completed at City College.

3. Only 30 credits from one of the professional schools (The School of Engineering, Architecture, Education, etc.) will count toward your B.A. or B.S. in the Colin Powell School.

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