Overtally policy

Overtally Policy

If there is a course that you really want to take, but the course is currently full, please check CUNYFirst for Open Spots a few times a day as students move in and out of courses. 
Please know that while we would like to be able to accommodate all overtally requests, given demand and the need to keep courses at a manageable size for creating a conducive learning environment for instructors and students, we prioritize requests based on the following criteria:

First, from Sociology majors and/or minors who need a specific course to graduate.
Second, new sociology transfer students.
Third, for students who enrolled in a course, but then were dropped due to TAP and/or Tuition holds. We will do our best to place you back into the class. For those who fall into this category, priority will be given to graduating sociology majors/minors.

Overtally Request Procedures:

If there are still no open seats in the course you need to take to graduate or wish to take, please click on the link
https://forms.gle/MbCUDpQHRKvyxEGC6. This will take you to our overtally request form.  


Overtally requests must be submitted by 6pm EST/EDT or earlier BEFORE the first day of classes, ideally at least three days or more in advance.

*If we can accommodate your request, Prof. Dordick will email you with that information.  If you receive an overtally permission, you need to login to CUNYFirst and register for the class as you would for an open class.  Once you successfully enroll in the class, please send a confirmation email to  gdordicksociologyadvisor@gmail.com .  

* Prof. Dordick will also email students whose requests cannot be accommodated.  With that in mind, please have one or two alternate courses ready.  

Last Updated: 10/20/2021 16:55