Public Policy and Public Affairs


The public policy and public affairs minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying public policy, with an emphasis on acquiring the analytical tools required for policy development and decision-making.

Students graduating with a minor in public policy pursue careers in government and nonprofit organizations as research assistants, policy analysts, and policy makers. Many students begin their professional careers as interns in Washington, DC and eventually pursue graduate degrees in public administration or public policy. Students wishing to pursue graduate study in these fields should consider taking intermediate microeconomics and econometrics (after the necessary prerequisites) and should prepare to take the graduate record examination (GRE) before applying to graduate schools. 

The Public Administration Program at City College offers a master's degree in public administration (MPA). The program offers generous support to students and currently does not require the GRE.


The public policy and public affairs minor program requires a total of five courses or 15 credits distributed as follows:


  1. An introductory course on public policy (3)
  2. A course on United States government and politics (3)
  3. At least one topical course related to public policy (3)
  4. A course on microeconomics or macroeconomics (3)
  5. A course on research methodology (3)


For more information,

download the public policy and public affairs minor checklist.

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