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FDNY Certificate of Fitness

Offices of Facilities Management

FDNY Certificate of Fitness

Certificate of Fitness C-14 Supervising Non-production Chemical Laboratories 

City of New York Fire Department requires that all non-production chemical laboratories require an individual holding a Certificate of Fitness for Non-Production Chemical Laboratories (C-14) to be present at all times during operation. The certificate is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued. 

A non-production chemical laboratory is a building or portion of a building where chemicals or gases are stored, handled or used on a non-production basis for testing, research, experimental, instructional or educational purposes. A lab is considered to be in operation when it is open and a chemical that requires a Certificate of Fitness is being handled or used. All laboratories must be built to specifications set by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

Certificate of Fitness Requirements 

Please find forms (on the right) that must be completed to apply for certificate of fitness at FDNY. In addition you would need:
1.       Color copy of your CCNY Employee ID card 
2.       A recent photo (2X2 head shot) – Sign shop can take this for you located at Marshak Rm. 1227
3.       Color Copy of your diploma/ transcript of your degree
4.       Recommendation Letter - Note: not required for Master's degree or higher



Certificate of Fitness Renewal 

It is best advised to renew C-14 certification before expiration date. The renewal process is fairly simple and only requires three documents: 

1. Fill out the renewal form (on the right) *Include if there is a change of address*
2. Color copy of your CCNY Employee ID card 
3. Color copy of your C-14 card 

All paperwork should be dropped off at EHOS Office for processing. If there are any question regarding the application, call or email!


Additional Resources 

Contact Information: 

Madeeha Javaid 
EHOS Coordinator 
160 Convent Avenue, CG 04
New York, New York 10031
P: 212-650-5079
F: 212-650-6874