Lab Inspections

The Environmental Health and Occupational Safety (EHOS) department performs annual inspections at various locations on the City College campus, including research labs, shops, and all other spaces that contain hazards.

Information regarding upcoming and completed inspections can be found on SafetyStratus LabcliQ⧉, accessed via a CUNY Single Sign-On login.

Correcting Violations

Once an inspection is completed by a member of the EHOS team, there may be issues identified at the inspected location that require correction by a responsible party. Emails will be sent to the individuals that are indicated as responsible parties at the start of an inspection that allow them to view any violations noted by the inspector and complete corrective actions. Only the person the corrective actions are assigned to will be able to complete the corrections, but may reassign actions to other responsible parties. Some documents that are required in certain labs, such as the Chemical Hygiene Plan, can be found on the Laboratory Safety page. For information on upcoming training dates, if students or staff require EHOS training to correct violations, see the Training page.

LabcliQ Corrective Actions Guide

Chemical Inventory

Chemicals stored at City College must be recorded in an inventory specific to the chemical owner. The online database currently used to store chemical inventory information is provided by SafetyStratus and can be accessed using the same login page as the corrective actions website (you will have to log out of the corrective actions website first). The chemical inventory site can be distinguished by a blue color.

If you require access to the chemical inventory in an area you are working in and are unable to login, or if you have forgotten your password, send an email to EHOS at and include information regarding the lab you are working in to receive access.

Incompatible Chemicals

By avoiding incompatible storage of chemicals in the lab, the chance of a harmful reaction is greatly reduced, whether in the course of routinely moving containers in storage or if containers are knocked over in a cabinet. Alphabetical sorting is often preferred for ease of finding chemicals in the lab, but can lead to incompatibilities. To reduce harm and to conform to regulatory guidelines, the EHOS department advises all lab staff to only sort alphabetically after identifying compatibility groups.

To assist in the identification of potentially hazardous situations in this regard, we have provided a list of common chemicals that may require segregation: Chemical Incompatibility Guide

Additionally, the following policy has been developed by the EHOS department as an inventory management guideline for researchers: Chemical Inventory Control

The homepage of SafetyStratus LabcliQ showing the chemical inventory module.

Safetystratus Inventory Homepage

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