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Grants & Sponsored Programs


Grants & Sponsored Programs

The primary responsibility of the Grants and Sponsored Programs office is to provide the CCNY campus with professional guidance and administrative support for all externally funded research and other sponsored project activities.
Pre-award services include identifying potential external funding sources; providing advice and assistance on proposal development; preparing budgets and other sponsor forms; coordinating online proposal submission; and interpreting sponsor guidelines and CUNY and CCNY policies.
Post-award services include providing guidance on Research Foundation account management; assisting with sponsor agency requirements and documentation; disseminating fiscal information; and preparing annual reports.


Contact Information

Alan Shih
Director, Grants and Sponsored Programs
Division for Research
Shepard Hall, Room 16
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY  10031
phone: 212.650.7909
main office: 212.650.5418
fax:  212.650.7906
Important Email Addresses
For all inquiries related to proposal submissions
For all inquiries related to existing awards and accounts
Research Foundation Field Representative
Clark Lantz, 212.650.7924
At CCNY 4 days per week, Tuesday through Friday

GSP Staff

Candice Baptiste-Sexton
Grants Manager / IT Officer
212.650.7905 / Shepard 16
Laura Bartovics
Associate Director for Research Administration
212.650.7903 / Admin. 218K
Ana Carrillo
Grants Administrator
212.650.7901 / Shepard 16
Gurpreet Kaur
Grants Assistant
212.650.7900 / Shepard 16
Alvaro Munoz-Hansen
Grants Administrator
212.650.7908 / Shepard 16
Keiko Sometani
Grants Associate
212.650.7910 / Shepard 16
Latoya Watkis-Stewart
Grants Associate
212.650.7904 / Shepard 16