Grants & Sponsored Programs

NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Grants and Sponsored programs office is closed on campus.  The office remains functional through telecommuting.  Please refrain from calling the office to leave voice messages, as they would be checked more sparsely and may experience some delays in response.  Please email us instead and we will try to respond to you by email as soon as possible.  Please do not leave any physical copies of document at the office door, as they would not be accessible to GSP staff.  Please email PDF copies of the document to us if they do not contain sensitive information.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperations.  -- GSP Director, 11/16/2020

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City University of New York on Covid-19:

Research Foundation of CUNY on Covid-19:

Agency-Specific Notices and FAQs on Covid-19: from Council on Government Relations website:


The primary responsibility of the Grants and Sponsored Programs office is to provide the CCNY campus with professional guidance and administrative support for all externally funded research and other sponsored project activities.
Pre-award services include identifying potential external funding sources; providing advice and assistance on proposal development; preparing budgets and other sponsor forms; coordinating online proposal submission; and interpreting sponsor guidelines and CUNY and CCNY policies.
Post-award services include providing guidance on Research Foundation account management; assisting with sponsor agency requirements and documentation; disseminating fiscal information; and preparing annual reports.

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