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COVID-19 Resources

About COVID-19
  • COVID case tracking by Johns Hopkins University
  • COVID Explained:  We are here with facts about the virus. How does it spread? How is it treated? Who does it affect most? Unbiased information to help you make good decisions. We are a team of researchers and students at Brown, MIT, Harvard, Mass General and elsewhere.
  • COVID Tracking Survey: Researchers from the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) and Emerson College are collaborating on an ongoing COVID-19 Tracking Survey to assess how New Yorkers are responding to the pandemic.
Student-Specific Resources

NYC-Specific Resources
  • Master guide of COVID-19 Resources
  • How to get food in New York Right Now- and how to help feed
  • Food Help NYC Locator
  • Mutual Aid Resources and Analysis (super comprehensive!) – The Urban Democracy Lab brings together progressive urbanists, social justice activists, and academics committees to a just urban future. In the midst of the terror and crisis of the coronavirus in NYC, we are joining with new mass movements erupting throughout the city and world. While our city is shut down, hundreds of thousands of people are reaching out to help their neighbors, building online mutual aid networks, demanding adequate and just policies from our public officials, and fighting for their survival from employers and landlords. Moved by these projects, we compiled the resources and links below for the UDL community. Please share widely, take care of yourself and your neighbors, and fight together for a just response to COVID-19.
  • No Neighbors In Need– This is a guide for New Yorkers to: i) contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus and; ii) ensure that no neighbors remain in need in NYC during this crisis and iii) recommend ideas to policy-makers/civic leaders (pg 8). Crowdsourced initially from a small group of City and nonprofit employees, this resource needs your help to be kept up to date. Thank you for contributing your time, effort and financial resources where possible.
  • NYC Against Coronavirus – List of resources by borough
  • #Brooklyn Shows Love Mutual Aid Project
  • Make the Road New York’s Response and Resources
  • Emergency Response to COVID-19: What Our Communities Need Now– Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD)’s analysis and policy recommendations
  • COVID-19: How to Help

Education and Organizing
  • Sunrise School – an online community (from the Sunrise Movement) where we’re building the skills and power we need to confront the crises we currently face. At Sunrise School, you can: Build connections with other young people who are freaked out about climate change, the coronavirus, and the state of our world; learn about the crises gripping our society and how to confront them; and take action online and with small groups of others in your area while social distancing.



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