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When should I apply for graduation and how do I begin the process?

You should apply for graduation during your last semester or before your last semester begins.
Click here for information on applying to graduate and viewing your application status.
Click here for information from the Registrar.
Click here for CUNYfirst.

What happens when I apply for graduation?

During your last semester, an advisor will review your record and evaluate whether you have met the requirements. Once your evaluation is complete, the information will be sent to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will do a final review, post the degrees of all graduates, and arrange for diplomas. 

Once I apply do I have to do anything else?

Yes, you must see a faculty advisor in your department to ensure that you have met all major requirements. Then, bring your completed Major Program Sheet and Minor Program Sheet (if applicable) to the advisors in the Office of Student Success. You should also make sure that all of your general education requirements are fulfilled, including your foreign language requirements, and that you've met all credit requirements for graduation.

I'm taking an ePermit course in my final semester. Will it matter?

Taking an ePermit course in your last semester can greatly affect your ability to graduate. Usually these grades take several weeks to show up on your CCNY transcript (students cannot graduate if there are any pending grades on their transcript).

This is why we urge students to take the following steps to increase their chances of graduating on time.

Request an official transcript from the Registrar's Office of the host college and submit it to the Registrar's Office at CCNY. An official transcript is given in a sealed envelope and MUST NOT be opened. Tell the Registrar's Office you have applied for graduation.

Keep in mind if you applied for an ePermit but never registered for a course or canceled your application, you may be at risk of having a pending grade on your transcript. Go to the Registrar's Office of the host college, request an Enrollment Verification Form and bring it to the Office of Student Success. If that is not possible, write a letter stating the situation, sign and date it, and bring it to the Office of Student Success.

When will I know my diploma is ready?

The Registrar's Office will send you an email when the diploma is ready for pick up. Your diploma is not mailed to you unless you arrange it with the Registrar's Office.

Where do I go if I want information about commencement?

Information about commencement is given to students by the Student Life and Leadership Development Office. They will send you a packet with information regarding tickets, caps and gowns, pictures, college rings, and other relevant items. You can also find this information on the CCNY website. Click on the link that says Student Life and then click on Commencement.

NOTE: There are two graduation ceremonies that take place at City College. One ceremony is college wide; the second ceremony is for the individual divisions throughout the college. Information about the Colin Powell School ceremony is on the Colin Powell School website.

I attended commencement, does this mean I graduated?

No, attending the graduation ceremony does not mean you are qualified to receive a B.A., B.F.A., or B.S. degree. In order to be awarded a degree you must fulfill all of the general education requirements, major requirements, complete 120 credits, have a 'C' (2.00) or higher cumulative GPA, and a 'C' (2.00) or higher GPA in the major, among other requirements.

I want to apply for graduation, do I need to see an advisor first?

It is not necessary to see an advisor before you apply for graduation, but it is important for you to visit an advisor after you've applied.

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Last Updated: 01/24/2017 09:59