Office of the Dean

Dear Students,
Welcome to the Colin Powell School!
As we begin this academic year, our commitment is that you will graduate with the knowledge, tools, and resources ready to make a positive difference in the world. You will study how society works and how it can be changed. Along the way, we hope to expose you to the values of service and leadership, and the sense of responsibility to one another that accompanies those values. We will put you on a path to become tomorrow’s leaders.
We begin this academic year with all of the challenges wrought by the pandemic, but also a remarkable set of opportunities to engage in a renewed movement for racial justice. Important national elections are just a few weeks away. At the Colin Powell School, we are ready to serve and support you, and to provide you with an outstanding educational experience, one that can be the foundation upon which each of you can participate in the search for a better future.

We have been working this summer to retool our courses for superb online instruction. We’ve also enhanced the range of advising, mentoring, fellowships, and career and professional development opportunities available to you. I will be writing again over the next few weeks with information, links, and videos about these projects. Keep an eye on our website and social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter), as well, for notices about all the opportunities that are available to you.
I am acutely aware that this is a personally difficult moment for many of you. Please consider us a source of assistance in these uncertain times. We have resources in peer tutoring, stress management, counseling, food assistance, and emergency grants designed to facilitate your educational experience. If you run into problems or simply have questions as you begin the term, please reach out to professors, advisers, and the Dean’s office. We are here to help.
Almost two-thirds of you will be the first in your families to finish college. More than half of you are immigrants, representing more than 100 nations and speaking nearly as many native languages. You bring an unparalleled determination to succeed, and when you do, you break barriers, challenging expectations and setting new trajectories—for yourselves, your families, and our society. Your success is the Colin Powell School’s highest priority.
With best wishes,

Andrew Rich
Richard J. Henley and Susan L. Davis Dean |  Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

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