Project Win-Win


What is Project Win-Win?

Significant efforts to improve college completion rates are aimed at improving the experience of current students.  We know, however, that large numbers of students have left college at or near the point of graduation without actually earning their degrees.  Project Win-Win identifies students who have left college near the point of graduation, and provides them with support to complete their degrees.  

Project Win-Win candidates are eligible for:
  • one-on-one advising and academic support
  • one-on-one, flexible tutoring services, when needed
  • access to financial support to defray some costs associated with returning to college
  • assistance with readmission and graduation processes

Am I Eligible?

Project Win-Win works to identify students who:
  • have been away from CCNY (not enrolled) for one or more years
  • were students majoring in one of the Colin Powell School disciplines (Anthropology, Economics, International Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Pre-Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)
  • have GPAs of 2.0 or above
  • have less than one semester of coursework remaining
Getting Started

If you believe you meet the criteria, or would like to learn more, please email 
%73tu%64ents%75ccess@ccny.cun" rel="nofollow">  to set up a time to speak with an advisor.


Project Win-Win was a nationally funded project spearheaded by the Institute for Higher Education
Policy (IHEP), aimed to identify, support, and graduate students who had left their institutions near the
point of graduation, but without a degree. Sixty-one community colleges in nine states awarded 4,550 degrees and brought 1,668 undergraduates back to campus to complete their degrees between 2009 and 2013. 
In 2016, a grant from Graduate NYC allowed the Colin Powell School to replicate this effort, identifying Colin Powell School students who are close to graduation, but need support to cross the finish line.