Sociology Winter 2023 Courses

SOC 31995 Health Inequalities in Global Context (3 Credits)

This course will examine the long-term patterns and processes underlying global health disparities within and between countries with respect to health care access and the political and health consequences embedded in these inequalities. Specifically, the course will study the political, economic and institutional relationships within and between countries that shape health care access and how these relationships affect the susceptibility of citizens in disparate nations to chronic and acute health conditions. We will also examine how these structural relationships are likely to create the conditions for the emergence of catastrophic pandemics involving either new or mutated pathogens.


Monday & Tuesday 5:00PM - 8:35PM synchronous online

Wednesday & Thursday 5:00PM -6:00PM synchronous online PLUS 6:00 - 8:35PM asynchronous online

Instructor: Paul Galatowitsch


Colin Powell School CCNY Sociology Health Inequalities in Global Context Winter 2023 Course

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