Research Information Series

As an effective means of increasing collaboration among researchers from various disciplines, the Research Information Series (RIS) was instituted in 2016. A series of lectures where faculty members share their research and increase interaction across disciplines are held throughout each semester. Thirteen RIS seminars have been conducted thus far, with over 200 faculty, staff, and graduate students attending. The RIS seminars are particularly valuable to newer faculty members who are able to get a multi-disciplinary view of research at GSOE, interact with school-wide faculty, and showcase their research accomplishments as well.

The 2017-2018 academic year featured the following talks and speakers:

Bone Multi-Scale Mechanics
Dr. Alessandra Carriero, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, CCNY

Human Perception for Multidimensional Data Visualization
Dr. Ronak Etemadpour, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, CCNY

Haptic-Enabled Collaborative Robots: Translating Surgical And Wearable Robots To Bedside
Dr. Hao Su, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, CCNY

Journey to The Center Of The Protein: Allostery From Multitemperature X-Ray Crystallography
Dr. Daniel A. Keedy, Assistant Professor, Structural Biology Initiative Research Center Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CCNY and Chemistry PhD Programs at the CUNY Graduate Center

Physics-Based Vision: Past, Present, And Future
Dr. Katsushi Ikeuchi, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Asia, and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

New Frontiers for Wave Manipulation Using Metamaterials
Dr. Andrea Alu, Einstein Professor, Photonics Initiative, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

The 2018-2019 academic year has featured the following talks and speakers so far:

Thermochemical Biomass Conversion Research and Development at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dr. Matthew Yung, Senior Engineer, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Some of the Crypto Behind Cryptocurrencies
Dr. Rosario Gennaro, Professor, Computer Science, Director of the Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS), CCNY

Combustion and Catalysis of Carbon Based Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Dr. Marco Castaldi, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Director of the Earth Engineering Center, CCNY

The Security Analysis of Testability
Dr. Samah Mohamed Ahmed Saeed, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, CCNY

Weather, Climate and Global Warming

Dr. Nir Krakauer, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, CCNY

E-Commerce and Complete Streets in New York City

Dr. Alison Conway, Associate Professor, Civil Engieering, CCNY

Toward Autonomous Robots for Non-destructive Evaluation of Infrastructure

Dr. Jizhong Xiao, Professor, Electrical Engineering, CCNY


Moving forward, the focus of the RIS talks will be on emerging research areas and priorities, including Cyber Security, Energy and Environment, Life Sciences, Robotics, and Transportation.