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Research Misconduct


Research Misconduct

In maintaining the highest standards of integrity, when researchers at CCNY propose, conduct or report their research, it is expected that they adhere to ethical, legal, and professional guidelines.

If you believe that research misconduct may have occurred with regard to any research or related activity involving any CCNY-affiliated person/s, please download and complete the form, titled, "Reporting Allegations of Research Misconduct" or contact the CCNY Coordinator for Research Compliance:

Ms. Tricia Mayhew-Noel

CCNY Research Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 212-650-7902


Shepard Hall, Room 108B

Ms. Mayhew-Noel will obtain your information and schedule a follow-up meeting with the College Research Integrity Officer:

Dr. Ashiwel Undieh

Associate Provost

The City College of New York

Phone: 212-650-8234