Managing Your Grant Money


The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF-CUNY) manages funds for all CUNY colleges, including CCNY. When you receive a grant, you will manage your funds through an RF account. Upon receipt of your first grant, you will be assigned an ID and password for accessing information on the RF website. In addition, an RF Project Administrator will be assigned to help you manage your funds and answer questions. Forms for purchasing, travel expenses, and hiring employees are available in Shepard 16; some are also available on the RF and GSP websites.


RF Forms Online

Most RF forms (except purchasing and travel forms) are now available online for download at (requires RF ID and password). Those not online are available in Shepard 16.


  1. Purchasing Card (P-Card) – You may submit a Purchasing Card Application for RF to receive a JPMorgan Purchase Card. The P-Card is a non-revolving credit card issued by the bank; it works as a debit card with a fixed dollar value derived from project specific funds that is reduced by the amount of each purchase. If the cost of the item exceeds the balance on the card, the transaction cannot be completed. The card may, however, be replenished at the request of the card holder to the RF’s Project Administrator, providing that the user has effectively complied with agreed conditions. There are additional restrictions placed on certain projects by various funding sources that prohibit or limit the use of the P-Card. For example, NY State and NY City projects, in general, have very restrictive line-item budgets that require purchases and other activity to be carefully screened by the RF before incurring certain encumbrances and/or expenditures. The purchaser may never charge unallowable costs or costs generally considered indirect, such as office supplies, on Federal as well as Federal pass-through programs, unless specifically provided in an approved budget. When you receive your monthly Purchase Card statement from JPMorgan, you must send it to RF with receipts or other purchase documentation. Download application Card Application.pdf (requires RF ID and password).
  2. Payment Request Form – Use this form for items under $5,000. You may request a reimbursement check payable to you (attach receipts) or you may request a check be sent to a vendor (attach invoice). Coming soon, you will be able to submit Payment Requests online via a new RF E-payment System.
  3. Small Order Form – Use this form to purchase items under $5,000 directly from a vendor. The form is only necessary if you do not have a P-Card and the vendor will not send your order without promise of payment. Once you receive your order and the vendor’s invoice, send a Payment Request Form (above) to RF along with the invoice and copy of the Small Order Form.
  4. Purchase Requisition Form – Use this form for large purchases, i.e. any single item of $5,000 or more. Send this form to RF, who will then place the order directly with the vendor on your behalf.



  1. Travel Advance Form – Send this form to RF before you travel to receive funds in advance of your trip. Keep a copy of the Travel Advance Form to submit with your Travel Expense Form (below) after your trip to be reimbursed for the balance of your travel expenses. Coming soon, you will be able to request Travel Advances online via a new RF E-payment System.
  2. Travel Expense Form – Send this form to RF after you travel to be reimbursed for costs related to your trip. Receipts are required for Lodging. For Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) you may submit receipts or use the Per Diem… for your travel location. Coming soon, you will be able to submit Travel Expenses online via a new RF E-payment System



When you use funds from your RF account to hire someone, that person will be an employee of the Research Foundation (not an employee of CCNY).

  • E-Verify Procedure – Beginning January 15, 2009, all Research Foundation new hires are required to be processed through E-Verify. E-Verify is an online system operated jointly by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) that electronically compares information entered on the I-9 Form with records contained in SSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases to help employers verify the identity and employment eligibility of hired employees. More information is available at (requires RF ID and password).

To comply with E-Verify regulations it is imperative that employees’ new hire documents be processed through E-Verify within three (3) business days of the actual start date. Exception: If the E-Verify is inputted after the completion of the I-9, but prior to the actual start date, use the offer/acceptance date in the hire date field, and note that date on the I-9 next to the actual start date.

  • New Hire Packets – Many documents, including the I-9 required for E-Verification, must be included in every employee’s new hire packet. Your new employee must complete these forms within three (3) business days of the actual start date and bring them, along with the necessary employment eligibility documentation, to a designated representative on campus be E-Verified (call the Grants Office to find a designated representative). Packets are available in Shepard 16.

Research Foundation of CUNY: Visit RF-CUNY benefits, account information and more.

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