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Faculty Travel Program


Faculty Travel Program

FY19 Faculty Travel Program

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the FY19 Faculty Travel Program aimed to promote research and scholarly creativity across the college. Awards will support out-of-town faculty travel to

  • disseminate the results of research, creative activities or other scholarly endeavors; or
  • develop new research collaboration and funding opportunities.

The program is available to tenured and tenure track faculty and funded from Indirect Cost Returns generated from external grants awarded to CCNY faculty. Faculty Travel awards are not designed to fund 100% of the expenses but rather to assist by defraying a significant portion of the travel costs. Faculty are expected to explore and utilize other mechanisms to fund their trips as centrally available funds are limited. Preference will be given to junior faculty. All applications for travel funding should be submitted prior to date of travel.


Types of Travel Supported

1. Travel to Develop Research Collaboration and Funding Opportunities

Awards will support faculty travel to develop new funding opportunities. These trips will typically involve meeting with potential collaborators or funding program managers when a "virtual" meeting is inadequate. If support is requested for multiple travelers to attend the same meeting, a single application must justify each faculty member's participation. Travelers are encouraged to visit multiple agencies or program managers in the same trip, especially when traveling to Washington, DC.

Faculty are eligible for support for one trip in the most current fiscal-year period. Faculty Travel awards will reimburse up to a maximum of $500 for funding opportunity travel. This support may be used for economy class transportation and receipted meal costs not provided by other sources of support. Support for lodging costs will be considered in exceptional cases, and the total award will be limited to $500.

2. Travel to Disseminate Results

Awards will support faculty travel to disseminate the results of research, creative activities or other significant scholarly endeavors. These trips will typically involve delivering a presentation or exhibition before an audience of peers or broader community. Confirmation of the faculty member's participation in the conference or event is required at the time of application.

Faculty are eligible for support for up to a maximum of $1,500 in the most current two-fiscal-year period. Faculty Travel awards will reimburse for domestic or international travel. This support may be used for registration, economy transportation, lodging, and receipted meal costs not provided by other sources of support.


How to Apply

Requests must be submitted using the online application form available on the CCNY website:

Online application form

Application Review

Applications for travel in FY19 will be reviewed according to the schedule below. Faculty may submit applications at any time, but award decisions will be made four times per year. Faculty therefore may not receive an award decision before the start of their trip.


Application Received By Award Decision By:
July 15 July 30
October 15 October 30
January 15 January 30
April 15 April 30

*All dates above are automatically extended to the next business day if they fall on a weekend or holiday.

Award decisions will be based on the significance of impact on the faculty member's professional development, the contribution to strengthening the culture of research and scholarship at the College, the applicant's frequency of use of the Faculty Travel Program, and the availability of funds for faculty travel. In all cases, applications from untenured faculty will receive precedence.


Awards & Reimbursement

Awardee recipients must provide documentation to support their participation in the meeting and provide expense details and receipts to validate reimbursement claims. Requests for reimbursement should be made within one month of the end of the trip.

Contact Information

The Faculty Travel Program is administered through the College Research Council and overseen by the Office of the Provost. Please contact Ranajeet Ghose, CRC Chair ( or ext. 6049) or Joseph Brisendine, research manager ( with questions or other requests for assistance.