The Grants and Sponsored Program Pre-Award team facilitates the grant application process for faculty and staff researchers at the City College. Providing support and guidance as they navigate the pre-award process.

Our Pre-Award Grants Associates and Grants Administrators work collaboratively with faculty and staff to prepare grant applications, serving as a dedicated central resource in all matters related to College, CUNY and sponsor policies for proposal development and submission.

Our team provide the following services in the support of faculty and staff.

  • Identifying potential external funding sources
  • Provide advice and assistance on proposal development with assistance of the Director of Proposal Development
  • Review sponsor guidelines, identify key requirements
  • Assist with budget preparation, related documentation and proposal submission forms
  • Prepare required sponsor administrative forms
  • Ensure that all CCNY and CUNY information included within the proposal is accurate and complete
  • Contact and collaborate with partner institutions to secure all necessary subcontract documentation
  • Assure all regulatory requirements and export control issues are identified and foster communication between our compliance officer if needed
  • Review the final proposal package to ensure all administrative requirements have been met
  • Obtain academic approvals and provide institutional approval for the proposal
  • Complete the final submission package, upload some final documents and forms, and submit to the sponsor

For more information on proposal submission and it's form, please go to the Proposal Submission Timeline page.

Last Updated: 05/15/2024 16:12