NYC Future Energy Conference

In the face of a changing climate, how does a city meet the twin challenges of obtaining energy sustainably and distributing that energy efficiently to its citizens? Our unreliable future demands innovation now to ensure the continued resiliency of energy infrastructure. The NYC Future Energy Conference at the City College of New York will bring together diverse researchers studying the sustainable generation and storage of energy, flexible infrastructure for the efficient distribution of energy, and means for securing energy justice in the face of climate change. This one-day conference will highlight pioneering work in energy research to build collaborative networks within the NYC region and nationally. Sessions will focus on technical aspects of energy research but will challenge the audience to think about how these technological elements can be brought together to achieve energy justice.

The City College of New York is well placed to lead these conversations as an MSI and HSI with strong links to the local Harlem community, while also being a hotbed for energy research and the home of the CUNY Energy Institute, the Institute for Municipal Waste Research, and the Building Performance Lab.

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Last Updated: 03/25/2024 16:13