GrantForward Search Engine

GrantForward: A Funding Search Engine

GrantForward uses specialized data-crawling technology to constantly update its extensive database of sponsors and funding opportunities, allowing thousands of grant opportunities to be gathered from over 9,000 US Sponsors. Every grant opportunity is thoroughly analyzed and then verified by our team of specialists to ensure accuracy. CUNY has a subscription to GrantForward, allowing CCNY faculty, staff and graduate students to quickly and easily discover funding opportunities matched to their expertise and interest, as well as identify potential collaborators within CCNY, CUNY and beyond.

GrantForward is a powerful tool that:

  • Specialized search algorithm and team of specialists allows them to constantly add new and accurate funding opportunities. 
  • Provided adaptive search filters make it quick and easy to find the perfect grant opportunities to start moving your research forward.
  • Incorporated a dynamic search engine with a personalized funding recommendation service to simplify the grant search process.

Using GrantForward, you will benefit from

  • Its ability to identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers at one’s CUNY institution;
  • Its features to access to the most comprehensive sources of funding opportunities globally;
  • Its database to identify researcher expertise from within or outside CUNY;
  • Its functions for enhanced communication, monitoring, and tracking between individual faculty, teams, or researchers and the CUNY campus Grants Office;
  • Its functionality to add internal deadlines to critical funding opportunities and send weekly updates on saved searches that a user organizes in their folder.

To Get Started with GrantForward Now:

  • Visit the GrantForward website and click "Sign Up" (use your CCNY email address and choose "City College of New York" as your affiliated institution)
  • View the instructional videos below to learn how to create your account and claim your profile (find more videos on GrantForward Tutorial page)

Additional Resources:

There are webinar recordings provided on the RFCUNY site that you can access to learn more about GrantForward and other resources available to you as a CUNY researcher. Please follow this link to the RFCUNY pre-award resource page. For a webinar on how to use GrantForward, please click on the following link: Grantforward Webinar for CUNY: Using GrantForward as a Researcher (2018-10-26).

Last Updated: 01/29/2024 10:32