Animal Facility FAQs

Do I need to take orientation/wet lab?

Everyone who has contact with live animals or is listed on an Animal Use protocol is required to attend the orientation and wet lab. This can be scheduled with the ACF Director, Harry Acosta, by calling ext 8515.

I have experience working with animals from another university; do I still need to take the wet lab?

If you have more than one year of hands-on experience and are still working with the same species, you are exempt from taking the wet lab.

How can I get access to the Animal Facility?

Once you have completed all of the required training, you will be given an access card. Your card will give you access only to rooms where your animals are housed.

I have to work late; will I still be able to get into the Animal Facility?

Access cards are active from 7 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week. After 8pm, access is restricted to emergency personnel only. If you have an experiment that will require late night access, you may contact the ACF Director to request temporary access.

How can I order animals?

You will need to fill out a Animal Requisition Form. You must have an approved Animal Use protocol number, which must be included on the form. The ACF Director will review the requisition for space availability.

How soon after the animals arrive will I be able to use them?

All animals are allowed sufficient time to stabilize and acclimate to the new environment. The typical stabilization period is 48 hours for rodents and 72 hours for rabbits and ferrets.

Last Updated: 11/06/2023 18:48