Human Subjects Protections


The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at City College is a component of the overarching CUNY Human Research Protection Program, and is committed to providing professional and administrative support to research staff and aid in navigating the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process from proposal planning to review, and eventual approval. City College's HRPP staff provide recordkeeping support, and has delegated authority to determine the initial appropriate level of review required for research proposals submitted.

Research involving human subjects must be reviewed prior to initiating, regardless of funding. Thesis projects also require determination of IRB review and must be forwarded to City College’s HRPP office.

IRB Manager - IRB Submission Process
All IRB applications must be submitted through IRB Manager, a cloud-based IRB application submission and management platform used for streamlining the IRB submission process. All applications, approval records, and documents will be managed through IRB Manager


All investigators, including student investigators and their advisors, who plan to conduct research with human subject participants, must complete the Human Subjects basic online training facilitated by Collaborative Training and Initiative Institute  (CITI).  Once completed, the training certificate will be valid for 3 years, before requiring an updated certificate by completing the CITI Refresher course. All research personnel valid certificates must be forwarded with the IRB proposal when submitting for review.

Conducting Human Subject Research?

Not sure if you’re conducting Human Subjects Research, then use this link to determine whether you require IRB review.

Submitting for IRB Review

All submissions requiring IRB review or determination of review, must be submitted through the CUNY implemented IRB electronic management system, IRB Manager.  You must use your CUNYFirst credentials to log-In to the system. 

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